23 January 2018
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Anything Lithuania’s Diaspora can do for the home country?

This book by Dr. Antanas J. Van Reenan at the University of Chicago analyzes the dynamics of their Lithuanian Diaspora mentality

Lithuania’s aspirations to sustainable development are dependent on availability of qualified and experienced human and financial resources. At present the country is experiencing shortages of both if to meet the demand of the expansion of new businesses and jobs. The two major causes for the shortage are (a) limited foreign investments, and (b) the massive exodus of highly qualified professionals over the last two decades. These have depleted Lithuania’s human capital leading to compromise in quality and global competitiveness. Engaging the brain power of its professionals in the Diaspora is one approach to ensure the fulfilment of the country’s quest for growth. In this regard, Lithunia requires strategic collaboration, partnership and networking among all its stakeholders. The Lithuanian Diaspora, including their second and third generations, are among the critical resources whose maximum mobilization and engagement are indispensible.

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