24 February 2018
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Come to Lithuania for the most wonderful SPA experiences!

The most famous Lithuanian SPA town – Druskininkai in Southern Lithuania, famous for its mineral water and remarkably nice environs, is only one of several SPA spots in this country! We invite you to indulge yourself in an outstanding exotic SPA treatments and dive into the sea of SPA pleasures. Massage masters will reveal you the ancient secrets of relaxation, while aromatic bathtubs and various baths will help you to regain your strengths after a hard working day. SPA treatments revive your skin, pamper your body and calm your spirit.


Druskininkai SPA

Druskininkai is a year-round international resort offering mineral bath, mud and climate therapies.

Mineral waters of different mineralization, similar to the well-known European mineral waters, and cure mud are found in the resort. Nature also endowed Druskininkai with mild climate, many lakes and beautiful parks and groves, where the guests can find their peace. Since 1794 the small town that has rapidly grown into an attractive tourist center offering all the benefits of a carefree and safe vacation.

Druskininkai offers a wide variety of health treatment services: herbal, bubble, honey and other baths, massages, krio- and magnet therapy, various health care, beauty and weight loss packages, etc.

Here are several worth-seeing sights: soviet sculptures museum “Gruto parkas”, woodcarvers’ parks, etc. Visit one of the largest Aqua-parks in Europe and 70-level adventure park ONE.



Tulpė Medical SPA in Birstonas

The resort of Birstonas was founded in 1846. At the turn of the 19th-20th centuries, the first patients not only from Lithuania but also from the major cities of Russia and Poland used to come to the sanatoriums that applied the mineral water and curative mud procedures. Birstonas has two perfect specialized rehabilitation sanatoriums for treatment and recreation that provide treatment for various illnesses by applying the latest methods as well mineral water and curative mud, where one can recover from the mental or physical fatigue as well. Another factor, which significantly attributes to the treatment quality and health recovery in Birstonas, is the air of this resort, surrounded by forests and the loops of the Nemunas river, which is especially mild and saturated with phytoncides and light negative ions having the effect of a huge inhalator on a human body.

The resort boasts beautiful environment: houses scattered among trees, elegant villas constructed in late 19th-20th centuries, the neo-Gothic church with its tower rising towards the sky, the buvette of mineral water, the monument to Vytautas the Great, the Hill of Songs, and artificial lakes. The resort town is surrounded by the scenery environs approached by a great many special roads and paths for pedestrians and cyclists, riders and horse-drawn carriages. The lovers of water entertainments are offered to rent a canoe at the Sport Centre and try the bends of the Nemunas. Impressive panoramas of nature open from the high banks of the Nemunas and hill-forts. The Bird Watching Site is established in the area of the Nemunas islands. But you can enjoy the most beautiful loops of the Nemunas only from an air balloon or a plane taking off from Pociūnai Airport. Birstonas is developing into a winter resort as well. The downhill skiing track is equipped here. One can also go skiing as well as ride on horse-driven sleigh through snow-covered forests.

The resort often hosts concerts, poetry evenings and sport events. Birstonas is a perfect place for conferences and seminars where the fatigue of intensive activities will be quickly removed with the help of relaxing procedures or spending free time in harmonious and pure nature. The biggest Lithuanian river, the Nemunas, which wings spectacularly in the middle of the country as it flows towards the sea, has formed three loops. The structure of the landscape of this region is one of the most peculiar in Lithuania. Birstonas, one of the most beautiful resorts of Lithuania, is situated in the south of the country.It has been famous for its curative waters, sanatoria and beautiful nature since the olden times. The Nemunas River surrounds the resort on all sides and forms a unique loop there.

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