24 February 2018
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Kugelis, kugel, bulvių, plokštainis – traditional Lithuanian dishes?

Associate Editor
Vin Karnila

When we first posted the recipe for Kugelis 26 February we had no idea that it would result in so many responses and Emails. It seems that what is in question is the origin of Kugelis. Some say that the origin of Lithuanian Kugelis is from Kugel which is a very popular traditional dish of the Jewish Faith with the only difference being that Kugelis is with meat and Kugel is without. To compound the issue there is the very old traditional Lithuanian dish called Bulvių Plokštainis whose recipe is absolutely identical to Kugelis.

We would like to highlight this recipe for a number of reasons. One reason is that no matter what you call it or where it came from it is a delicious and easy to make dish. The other reason is that we think it would be very interesting to find out from our dear readers any input they could share in regards to the origin of these three dishes – Kugel, Kuglis and Bulvių Plokštainis

Category : Featured sub-section / Food, wine and more

  • This is very interesting. I recently posted Lithuanian kugelis and Lithuanian skilandis recipes on my blog and was equally surprised to see how popular these two recipes are with readers. There is a facebook group called, "Our Moms' Lithuanian Recipes" where there is much debate over preparation methods — grating vs. shredding, how many eggs, etc. Thanks for providing a little background into the history of kugelis! I'll check back to see what others are saying.

    November 01 2011
    • Jurate

      :-) kugelis and Bulviu plokstainis its the same thing. just the rusian people leave for us (lituanians) this rusian name like Kugelis and later then rusian people gone from Lithuania we start to call this dish in lithuanian name Bulviu plokstainis :-) its mean potatos pudding :-):-):-)

      October 09 2011


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