20 January 2018
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A new campaign is born! The campaign is called ‘Invite Your Friend to Lithuania’, already receiving good support from service businesses all over the country and abroad. Those who invite friends to Lithuania can even win free flights to Vilnius, Kaunas or Palanga, visit various events free of charge, get souvenirs and receive discounts different places.

People are invited to join the initiative at or at the initiative’s Facebook Page where we all are encouraged to invite our friends and acquaintances to Lithuania.

The campaign seeks to invite a record number of people to visit Lithuania in 2011-2012 through Lithuanians and friends of Lithuania all around the world. The Campaign is organized by ‘Global Lithuanian Leaders’ (GLL) - a network that unites talented professionals and leaders who associate themselves with Lithuania and contribute to the continued economic, political, social and cultural transformations currently underway in Lithuania.

Dalia Venslovaitė

Dalia Venslovaitė, Director at GLL tells that ‘This year Lithuania has already welcomed a record number of visitors. Our goal is that people who have already visited and enjoyed Lithuania would invite others through their social networks. Moreover, we focus much on Lithuanians living abroad. They are our best ambassadors in revealing why it is worthwhile visiting Lithuania‘.

According to the Lithuanian State Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Economy, during the first quarter of 2011 there was a 39.4 % increase in tourism in Lithuania comparing to the previous year. During the latest quarter Lithuania has welcomed 150 000 tourists while the total number of tourists last year was 107 000. One tourist spends around 1.040 LTL daily. Last year an average stay of one tourist in Lithuania was 4.3 nights. Hence, one tourist alone brings around 600 LTL directly into the state budget.

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  • Yeah, that’s the tkicet, sir or ma’am

    August 28 2011
    • Tony Olsson

      Labas Dalia
      I tried clicking on the link above but could not be connected. However, using a cut-down version of the link put me through to your Facebook page. Sorry I don't do Facebook or any of the other social neworking sites (it's probably my age). I use email a lot though to contact people. It also comes in very useful for my work on producing the English version of Baltic Railways Magazine, and supplying articles for the British-Lithuanian Society's magazine, and trying to persuade the British Broadcasting Corporation to play Lithuanian music. Sadly, in spite of my efforts, it did not celebrate the Ciurlionis anniversary. I disagree with your rejection of brochures and tv commercials etc. These are traditional because they work in bulk. Trying to sell Baltic Railways Magazine by word of mouth alone is soul-destroying. You can contact me via my email address

      August 07 2011

      • Tony, I guess we all should start from ourselves! This is what the campaign is about! By presenting Lietuva the way we personally see it, why we love it & why it's worth visiting! In that way we contribute to the positive image of Lithuania and reveal the undiscovered & the unspoken in publicity. Spoken word tete a tete, on skype or Facebook & personalized recommendations could be much more effective tool than brochures, commercials or any other traditional country marketing tools:)!
        We try to prove it in our partizan way! Seems we're succeeding in attracting supportive local businesses in a snowball effect!
        Join us at!;)

        Best, Dalia Venslovaite

        August 04 2011
        • Tony Olsson

          And here I am, trying to persuade my friends in England to visit your country!__Actually the video of the Mayor of Vilnius driving over an illegally parked car did get onto national news in Britain. What with illegal distilleries, squatting, murders, sex trafficking and other illegal activities by Lithuanians, I wonder what can be done to let the people of Britain (and other countries) know that Lietuva really is a country they should visit.

          August 03 2011


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