24 February 2018
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Above: Signatures by VIC’s initial ‘working group’
in October 2001, 10 years ago. 

Visit the VIC web page: 

Vilnius International Club (VIC) has since October 2001* been a leading club and a dynamic meeting point for local people with international interests and for expatriates from many countries. The club’s mission is to support and encourage the cultural, historic, and economic vitality of Vilnius as a capital city and of Lithuania as an outstanding historic and contemporary scene for interaction and constructive activities between fine people from many countries. Men and women from the expatriate and Lithuanian communities, working in diplomatic, business, and cultural spheres, fulfil VIC’s mission through fellowship, monthly meetings, and occasional charitable programmes.

*VIC started its activities in October 2001, and was formally established in February 2002.


Opinions about VIC over the years

VIC has built a new bridge...
VIC is a refreshing initiative that has built a new bridge between local Lithuanians and foreigners in Vilnius. The success of the Club is a result of good balance between many different nationalities and great variety of cultural and social activities. It is important to maintain high share of Lithuanians in VIC as expatriates do not need a club to meet foreigners..

- Bjarne-Espen Christiansen, Manager of Scandinavian Airlines (Denmark)


The VIC format is very unique...
I think VIC format is very unique. It encompasses many features that many other clubs/organizations, between which we share our off-duty time, lack. It has planned events schedule, as well as beautiful ad-hoc social surprises; and, most importantly, diversity of people and themes. 

- Vygandas Juras, Partner of Baltcap Management (Lithuania) 


Potential to integrate Vilnius community into modern Europe...
It is a creative organisation with huge potential to integrate Vilnius community into modern Europe.

- Daiva Vitkute, Managing Director, Vilnius Consult (Lithuania)


I am extremely grateful for Vilnius International Club actions...
I am extremely grateful for Vilnius International Club actions enhancing cultural, historical and economic life in our city. I am also thankful for charity programs set for unprivileged inhabitants of the city. The variety of activities you accomplish in the city contributes to the philanthropic movement development as well as assists with the implementation of tangible social projects in Vilnius...

- The Mayor of Vilnius City Municipality, Arturas Zuokas


Always useful presentations and interesting people...
Always useful presentations, interesting people and comfortable surroundings...

- Dr. Kaare Hauge, Ambassador of Norway (Norway)


Well done with this great initiative...
I am very impressed with the diverse and extensive activities of VIC in Vilnius. I am sorry I can not participate in them while in Israel, but your detailed reports convey the sense as if I am there in the meetings. Well done with this great initiative.

- Amos Eiran, Lithuanian Consul, Tel Aviv (Israel).


I was thrilled to know that such an organization exists...
I was thrilled to know that such an organization exists and is dealing with such important past and present issues. It is organizations and events such as these that make me long for living in Lithuania...

- Jonas R. Bielkevicius, Electric Engineer, Boston (USA)


Something utmost wonderful I have experienced so far...
The VIC is something utmost wonderful I have experienced so far. It is very nice, democratic and intelligent. Unfortunately it is not possible to attend all events. Looking forward to meet at VIC soon!

- Andrius Koncius, General Director of COWI Baltic (Lithuania).


It has been a useful networking source...
I very much value the VIC. It has been a useful networking source as well as an excellent venue to discuss issues that I face as a professional in Vilnius with other thoughtful, insightful ex-pats.

- Michael Sessums, 2nd Secretary of US Embassy (USA)


Magnificent atmosphere and a very warm audience...
It really was a magnificent atmosphere and a very warm audience...

- Judita Leitaite, Lithuania's leading mezzo-soprano, after her VIC performance.


Atmosphere where I can combine my business interests with...
VIC meetings provide the atmosphere where I can combine my business interests with my common human need for communication, education and self-development. I hope I put my contribution to this atmosphere as well.

- Vaidotas Variavicius, General Director of Vilniaus Margarino Gamykla (Lithuania)


I am so impressed...
I am so impressed by VIC! Meeting theme suggestion: LITHUANIAN BUSINESS ATTITUDE AND HABITS. Several foreigners doing business in Lithuania have said the business in Lithuania is slow. Everything takes much longer time than estimated. Locals give impression they are ready to sign contracts any time, but still there are many arguments to postpone signing.

- Arne Brattetaule, Director of STATOIL Lubricants (Norway)


One of my most important opportunities...
VIC -  one of my most important opportunities to join with international others in appreciating Vilnius as a place to live and as a total experience. Exiting men and women who are making a difference in Vilnius and Lithuania are members of VIC would like you to join them in celebrating and developing Vilnius. Don't miss the opportunity!

- Dr. Woodrow Sears, Management Consultant/University Instructor (USA)


I look forward to the next event with eager anticipation...
I have only been a friend of VIC for a short time and so only attended the Opening Concert of the Lithuanian Philharmonic with Muza Rubackyte and Stefan Lano so far. What an evening. An enthralling, moving concert followed by a superb reception with the performers and an opportunity to meet other, very friendly members of the VIC. I look forward to the next event with eager anticipation.

- Andy Williams, Consultant of Policijos Departementas prie VRM (Great Britain)


The Club provides interesting programs and events...
I am very happy to participate, whenever time permits, in the activities of VIC. The Club provides interesting programs and events and I wish you success and many more members.

-  Vytas Gruodis, Director General of Baltic Management Institute (Canadian-Lithuanian)


A truly splendid idea/creation couched in very noble words...
A truly splendid idea/creation couched in very noble words. It seems to me that VIC has great potential for much real good.

- Dr. Arunas Gasparaitis, Radiologist, Chicago (USA).


I always wish I had been there...
I think VIC is a very good organisation doing useful work in modern society. The political and social coverage is very good... I think VIC could usefully develop an interactive platform connected directly to its published activities. When I read what speakers have said at VIC meetings I always wish I had been there to hear and react.

- Mervyn Benford, Lecturer, Oxford (UK)


VIC fills the gap...
VIC fills the gap between formal associations and social clubs - it provides a forum for discussion, yet in an informal enviroment. It allows networking without the constrained commitment that one feels in more organized meetings - sometimes this is the best type of networking because the start is on building friendships and not on business contact.

- Arunas Pemkus, General Director of Hill & Knowlton, Vilnius (USA)


Doing something to improve the situation...
What I find extremely important is that there is no obligation to attend the meetings, and when you attend it is great pleasure. And I value that we do not just gather and talk but also do something to improve the situation. Meeting theme suggestion:- Why foreigners choose Lithuania for business and living? Perhaps minutes of such meeting could be published in press so that young generation could see that it is worth staying in Lithuania.

- Agne Zinkevciute,  Director of Vilnius Consulting Group (Lithuania)


Rich variety...
I think the themes have been interesting, and with a rich variety.

- Bertil Abrahamsson, Director, Lithuanian Telecom (Sweden)


Good program...
I think VIC's program is very good!

- Peter Modeen, Consultant, The World Bank (Finland)


A wonderful job...
You are doing a wonderful job managing VIC and there was no need to think myself about interesting programs.

- Carl Berneheim, Gen. Director of Cebeco Timber (Sweden)


I like the diversity...
I like the diversity of the programs and people. No specific suggestions, other than keep up the interesting programs!

- Chris Helmkamp, Reporting Manager, RIMI (USA)


A secret sect...?
It has a reputation of being a secret sect amongst some Lithuanians I know. This is supported by the fact that you get to hear about it only trough others and need to be invited in. I know it's not really like that but that is the impression. Should there be some low key publicity - a listing in Vilnius in Your Pocket? A website? Just something simple? May cause a membership explosion that would be difficult to manage.

- Andy Williams, Consultant, Lithuanian Police (UK)


Meetings are great...
Meetings are great, delightful people/guests and relevant topics...

- Rita Sakus, Consultant/Lecturer (Canada)


A vibrant and active club...
Allow me to congratulate you on having built a vibrant and active club that continues to address current and relevant issues.

- Sanjay Deva, General Manager of Gothenburg Radisson SAS Park Avenue Hotel (India)


This is not just a business club...
This is not just a business club. We meet a lot of different people and our communication is not limited by business topics. That goes perfectly well with the spirit of Vilnius, which through ages recommended itself as a cultural, multinational center. Especially appreciated are cultural and art-related programs. I would also like to suggest some activities which would bring concrete outcome: For example: Maybe our charity programs could be ongoing, so we could follow up on what we have done, and to continue the program for a certain period of time. I also think that we sometimes forget about the conception of our club and do not try to take what is best from our members in order to improve Vilnius, and make it a safe, nice and developed European city. We have very interesting and democratic people within the club, and I wish we could avoid that the club's activity becomes limited to observation of the situation.

- Ruta Bilkstyte, Senior Tax Expert, Deloitte&Touche (Lithuania)

*************************** VIC Mission Statement ***************************

The Vilnius International Club (VIC) supports and encourages the
cultural, historic, and economic vitality of Vilnius as a capital city.
Men and women from the expatriate and Lithuanian communities,
working in diplomatic, business, and cultural spheres, fulfill VIC's
mission through fellowship, monthly meetings, and occasional
charitable programmes.


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