22 February 2018
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Good reasons for all seasons

You can and should visit Lithuania for a lot of reasons this autumn and winter – as you can see from our below survey. Common for all the 36 ideas mentioned, is that here you get top quality and tons of experience – for half the price – if to compare with USA and most West-European countries.

We do, however, recommend you to plan your trip thoroughly, well in advance.

If you wish, we can help you to put together the most perfect programme for your trip, and give you some hints about how to get here, where to stay, with whom to deal and much more...

If this would be of interest for you, please write us at


Nature has been generous to Lithuania. There are no mountains or big forests, the country's beauty lies in the diversity of its landscape. This is a place of rolling hills and gentle plains; of quietly flowing rivers and of lakes reflecting the blueness of the sky. 

Get the feel of Lithuania's nature – enjoy calmness, tranquillity and ambience

The sand dunes at the Curonian Spit  are the largest in Europe

Lithuania has several national parks – ideal for healthy life in untouched nature


Vilnius Old Town has a stunning array of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture, a truly amazing place to visit and experience. It’s also in Vilnius centre that you find the KGB Museum, a reminder of the gruesome Soviet oppression this country was forced to live with for 50 sad years. But only 30 km from the city, there is a strong medieval symbol of the 500 years of glory, when Lithuania was Europe’s largest country. 

Vilnius Old Town is the largest in Eastern Europe – an architectural treasure without parallel
The KGB Museum in Vilnius is the only of its kind in the European Union

The Medieval Trakai Castle near Vilnius is a living symbol of the times when Lithuania was Europe's largest country


The geographical centre of Europe lies near Vilnius

The Hill of Crosses near Šiauliai is a place you will never forget once you get there

Grūtas Park,  Druskininkai, is an open-air museum with a huge, amazing collection of sculptures from Soviet times


Far too few people outside Lithuania know what a tremendous treasure of culture this country represents! Today Lithuanian art is not only flourishing at home but is also gaining recognition internationally. Though not every poster tells that a nightingale soprano, a graceful ballerina, or a divine cello player comes from Lithuania, the probability that you have just enjoyed a concert of a Lithuanian artist is great, being it in New York, London, Berlin, or Vilnius.

This year the world commemorates Lithuania's national painter and composer, Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis (1875-1911)


Music of all kinds characterises this country. Still far too few people outside Lithuania know what a tremendous treasure of culture this is! Here the Lithuania National Symphony Orchestra in the National Philharmonic Hall, Vilnius

Eglė Špokaitė is Lithuania's prima ballerina, often performing in her hometown


Many people come to Lithuania for quality health care of various kinds. Medical quality here is very high and prices for services very low... In addition the country has a number of extremely good spa and tourism resorts where visitors can undergo all kinds of treatments or simply relax and charge their batteries...

Lithuania offers some of Europe's best spa and health resorts – here from the Druskininkai resort

Lithuania has become a leading medical tourism destination for people from countries around the world

Relaxation in Nida at the Baltic Sea coast gives you the new energy you need during the winter



This year’s EuroBasket tournament took place in Lithuania (Aug-Sep). But Lithuania has also numerous other sport activities and events to offer, all year around. The Lithuanian lakes and rivers are full of fish, and the forests full of wild animals including deer, wild bears, beavers, elks and many others. One is allowed to hunt elks, wild bears, wolves, foxes, hares and birds, such as geese, ducks and woodcocks.  

Lithuania is one of the world’s top basketball nations. Want to play?

Sightseeing Vilnius from a balloon is one of the most spectacular things you can do while in Lithuania

Lithuania is a country of water, and cannot be properly discovered without doing some rafting, diving, bathing or sailing...

Lithuania is ideal for bicycling

Wild boar hunting is extremely popular in this country


Go fishing! Lithuanian lakes and rivers are full of fish...


Wondering what to do in Lithuania? We can help you stay busy, don’t worry... We can tell you about the most popular tourist attractions, beaches, outdoor/indoor activities, nightlife and much, much more...

The Palanga resort offers North Europe’s best beaches and fantastic sea coast sceneries


Jeep off-road racing activity in Lithuania is the perfect way to have fun and improve your driving skills!

The Pabo Latino night club in Vilnius remains the country's most popular – year after year...


The natural and healthy character of its dishes is what makes Lithuanian cuisine unique. There are all kinds of restaurants in absolutely all corners of the country – international and local dining and wining from Nida to Druskininkai, from coast to inland, not to forget the big cities... 

Some restaurants offer the finest of international cuisine...

Others are ready to serve you traditional, national  specialities


Lithuania is a beer drinking country!


Lithuanian hotels offer a large variety of accommodation options. Though the country has undergone vast economic development, it also retains ties with its nature loving, glorious pagan, countryside past. Did we mention conferences? Try Lithuania – fantastic quality, half the price!

Radisson BLU Lietuva is Lithuania's biggest hotel – 300 rooms, 22 floors. Huge conference facilities

Le Meridien Villon Hotel Vilnius, in picturesque natural surroundings with health spa, fitness centre and golf course. Huge conference centre

Countryside tourism has become immensely popular over the latest years



Lithuania’s cities started to form in the 13th-14th century together with the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The first city to receive city rights was Klaipėda (1257). Most of the cities are old, established before the 18th century. There are only 19 cities with population of more than 20.000. Cities are quite evenly spread out through the territory of Lithuania. This forms a good network to support economic development throughout the country. The distance from the capital Vilnius to the port city Klaipėda is only 300 km, with excellent 4-lane motorway.  

Population: 550.000

Population: 320.000

Population: 180.000

Population: 125.000

Population: 113.000

Population: 68.000



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