23 February 2018
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Dr. Adizes insights:
What is wrong with “occupy Wall Street and elsewhere” demonstrations?

Dr. Isaac Adezis.

Let me start with the ‘bottom line’, with my conclusion: they are demonstrating in the wrong place against the wrong people.
Now, let me explain.
Most of the demonstrations have placards about greed, about how Wall Street companies and executives earn obscene sums of money while the country is truly suffering. American companies are awash in record profits while unemployment is at record highs. Something is genuinely not right… Right?
Yes, right, but what they are demonstrating against are the manifestations to the problem not the cause of the problem.
What is the cause?
The profit motive. That is where the problem is.
Imagine what would happen if medical doctors turn profit oriented and measure their success by profits. And medical schools taught them that profit should be their goal by which they should measure their success.
Many of us will die from unnecessary surgeries, go bankrupt from non ending medical bills or insurance premiums, and productivity of labor will go way, way down because we will be hospitalized to no end.
What does medical training say?
“Do no harm!!”
“The patient is first!”


Category : Opinions

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