24 February 2018
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Comments to our articles about suicide in Lithuania
VilNews articles on this topic:


Only a few kill themselves for rational reasons

Dr. Boris Vytautas Bakunas

By: Dr. Boris Vytautas Bakunas, M. A., M. Ed., Ph. D.

"The vast majority of people who commit suicide are severely depressed. Only a few kill themselves for rational reasons such as avoiding the final stages of an extremely painful and fatal illness. Depression may be triggered by adverse events, but they are not the direct cause of most depressions. Many people face extreme adversity without succumbing to depression.

As a vast amount of empirical research has shown, the belief systems that people hold have a profound effect on their moods. People who suffer from depression generally believe several of the following things : (a) their lives are terrible, (b) they are guilty for having brought on the bad conditions they face, (c) they are powerless to change their lives, and (d) their lives will never improve. When you're depressed you tell yourself that a horrible tragedy has struck your life, you are worthless and overwhelmed by the difficulties you face, and since there is nothing you can do to solve your problems, your life is not worth living.
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Bipolar Manic Depressive Disorder can be beaten

Ray Tyler

Suicidal thoughts occur when pain coping resources are exceeded by pain. This comment (or variations on it) occurs regularly if a search on suicide is made on the internet. The comment is so common that it could almost be accepted as a definition of suicidal thoughts.

If it is accepted as a definition of suicidal thoughts it immediately high-lights two immediate ways of reducing the chances of suicide.
Reduce the person's pain or increase that person's coping ability. In many cases even knowing that they are being listened to can achieve this result.
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Ray Tyler

It's time to seriously consider Lithuania’s high suicide rate

Marina Farrell

It's time to seriously consider the high suicide rate of Lithuania. Recent news of another in Vilnius as well as being described as an epidemic has brought world-wide concern, especially to those who have close ties to Lithuanians.

Here's a video from an ad campaign by popular singer Andrius Mamontovas from a couple years ago, who has put forth great efforts to prevent suicide in Lithuania.

Marina Farrell,
Denver, Colorado, USA

To learn more, go to Marina’s website “I love Lithuania” ...for fans, friends & all who love Lithuania”. She runs this fantastic site from her hometown Denver!
Category : Health & wellbeing sidebar / Opinions

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