23 January 2018
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The image of Lithuania in the 1960s

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This photo, taken by photographer Antanas Sutkus in the 1960s, represents for me the despair and decay that characterized Lithuania at the time, some 20 years after the world war, guerrilla warfare, and the communist takeover and tragic desecration of their homeland. Many of their childhood friends are killed by the ruthless invaders here or in Siberia, others have fled to a better life in the West. They are not allowed not leave. That prevents the Iron Curtain between East and West Europe. They do not have ownership rights over their own homes and own country. Plaster falls from the buildings here in Old Town. No owner, and nobody cares about what the State owns. They no longer see results of their own work. Indifference and despair prevails. The future is dark.

Aage Myhre

Category : Opinions

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