24 February 2018
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I love Lithuanian girls!

I let Giedrė Jotautaitė represent the thousands of beautiful Lithuanian girls and women
who are not only well-formed by nature, but also do their utmost to keep
their bodies in shape through proper diet, moderate use of alcohol and regular exercise. 
Many of these girls know very well how to dress and behave, and
they are fully on a par with their male parallels in terms of intelligence and
ability to cope with challenges at work and on a more general basis.
Lithuanian girls are at the very top in the world, in every way!

By Aage Myhre, editor-in-chief

I've been back home in Norway for a few days. I chose to drive this time, and travelled via Riga by ferry to Stockholm in Sweden from where I drove on to Oslo in Norway.

On the ferry ride back to Riga, I discovered quickly that Swedish high school students filled most of the ship. Graduation was to be celebrated and this was done with good help of huge quantities of cheap Baltic booze aboard the ferry, the whole night through.

I have little against young people dancing the night away in a rollicking party when they have something as big to celebrate as a final exam. However, what frightened me was to see that far more than half of the adolescents were overweight and apparently had done little, in the course of growing up, to keep in shape. Swedish girls who in the 1950s, 60's and 70's were world renowned for their stunning, sexy looks, seem now to have been replaced by fattish, inelegant girls who also do not care much about how they dress or behave. The boys are no better.

What a contrast it was to get back to Vilnius, sit down on a sunny sidewalk café and study the endless stream of beautiful, slim Lithuanian girls who walked by. Like sitting in the front row of the catwalk for a perpetual Miss World show...

Lithuanian girls have good reason to be proud of themselves and the nation of Lithuania has very good reason to be proud of its magnificent girls and women...

I sincerely hope that young girls from Lithuania do not go into the same trap as so many sisters in the west have already done. Obesity, alcohol and unhealthy habits have unfortunately become a hallmark for many young people in Europe of today.

The development is anything but merry, but luckily the girls from Lithuania show the way for those who want to return to the beautiful, healthy feminine ideals...

Giedrė is a huge fan of VilNews!

Giedrė Jotautaitė
Milan, Italy
(originally from Vilnius, Lithuania)

I read your e-magazine every morning and I think it’s great :) I’m a huge fan now.

I was born in Vilnius, studied at Vilnius University, but moved to Milan to work. Now I’m saving money to buy a beautiful flat in the centre of Vilnius, because one day I will surely come back home!

From my point of view Lithuania is doing quite good, if to compare with Italy where one now can feel the crisis more.

Best wishes and kiss,
Giedre :)

Category : Featured black / Health & wellbeing
  • Tom.

    Thanks For Reminding Me . Do Not Put People On A Pedestal.

    July 10 2012

    • the entire "article" seems to be merely an opinion of a man who had deeply missed his Vilnius, and the "beauty" he seems to find only there…If I were to visit Lietuva again (being an American of purebred Lit roots), I surely would find better time spent traveling the country again, and admiring Lietuva's NATURAL beauty in its dunes, its seashore, its forests, its fields, its skies so big…
      Yes, Giedre is pretty…but generalizations and male opinions are so very nauseatingly overflowing in this article.
      Wow>>> I spoke up….yikes…

      June 24 2012

      • […] Read the post & comments Category : Opinions […]

        June 23 2012
        • Aage Myhre

          By Aage Myhre, Editor in Chief

          Dear commentators, My tribute to Lithuanian girls here in VilNews a couple of days ago was occasioned by the fact that I had been on a ferry from Stockholm to Riga and observed that Swedish girls in recent years have become overweight and not nearly as healthy and beautiful as their mothers and grandmothers were. I noted that Lithuanian girls have not undergone such a negative transformation, and that I find them to be among the most beautiful in our world.

          The post has, as seen above, resulted in some negative reactions, in part of mocking character. I maintain, however, my homage and my admiration. I have been married to a beautiful Lithuanian woman for more than 20 years, and we now have two girls, respectively 9 and 14 years. I have over the years seen how my wife strives to keep her body in good shape, and how she has transferred this to our two children. They both dance ballet three times a week, they do not eat junk food, they do not drink coca cola. My wife is approaching 50, but still looks like a youth. Our children are healthy pioneering examples of Lithuanian beauty.

          Giedre Jotautaitė, who kindly has allowed me to use photos of her to illustrate the post, is a hardworking university student who also works hard to finance her studies and to save money to buy an apartment and move back to Lithuania from Italy where she now lives. From time to time she also conducts modeling jobs. One more good example of this that Lithuanian girls deserve praise and admiration for what they represent with respect to well-kept body, mind, intellect and carrier efforts.

          June 23 2012
          • Kor

            Congrats, Vilnews, on having Aage Myhre with you, an aspiring misogynist-in-chief..

            June 21 2012
            • TVR

              Well, I am sorry to interrupt, but this is the biggest crap I've ever read. Lithuanian women are not objects – they are persons. And if you judge people based solely on their looks, I am really sorry for you.

              June 21 2012
              • Rasa

                Thank you for reminding the world that above all, people should make looking good their number one priority. Nothing else matters, especially if you're a woman. There may be a lot of problems in this world, but women should know that the biggest one of all is being fattish or inelegant. Thanks for reminding us that to be beautiful is the highest achievement a woman should aspire to.

                June 21 2012
                • Vilnews Reader

                  Unfortunately, this article is preceeded by one that seems to take relish in a misogynistic attitude towards young women – or as defined by the article, "girls" – throughout Europe and beyond.

                  In some very, very strange and extremely dim light, it might seem that the article is praising Lithuanian women for their generalized beauty, and that the author writes with an honest concern about health.

                  But no. Even under a most superficial lense, this article comes rambling at the reader with sexism dripping all along the edges. What the author pushes, in no uncertain terms, is his expectation that the primary purpose of Lithuanian women – and certainly, women on the broader scale – is to be sexually objectified for the benefit of the casual onlooker (including his, also in no uncertain terms).

                  I take offense to such language that criticizes women who are not appearing or behaving consistently sexy enough for scrutiny under the male gaze. Lithuanian women exist for more than your simple eye candy or as trophies or as "well behaved" pets. All women do. As an additional sidenote, there is a lot more to women's health than the author supposes, "maintaining feminine ideals" (?) and remaining anorexically slim.

                  i am truly offended by the author's article and request a public response to this careless attempt at journalism.

                  Although I would not want to put words into the mouths of others, I do surely know my ideas are spoken on behalf of many female readers of Vilnews within Lithuania as well as internationally.

                  June 21 2012
                  • Rimas Polikaitis

                    In the words of Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys:.." I wish they all could be Lithuanian girls"….!!!

                    June 21 2012


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