23 January 2018
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If Poles remain committed to a “greater Poland” then they have the freedom to re-settle in Poland

Tony Mazeika

This is an outstanding objective historical review by Gureckas. It would appear that current position of the small but radical Polish minority is untenable as it is dangerous to the youth attending Polish language only schools. We have the same parallel here in California where significant numbers of Mexican immigrants (legal & illegal) condemn themselves to unsuccessful economic futures for failure to embrace the English language. The fact Lithuania offers full educational opportunities in the Lithuanian language ( second languages for advancement include English, German, Russian) indicates the nation's commitment to its nation's future. If Poles remain committed to a "greater Poland" then they have the freedom to re-settle in Poland. I agree with the author that official Polish foreign policy cannot afford to rattle the cage on formalized boundaries as Germany could use that opportunity to rev-visit the Polish annexation of German territories in 1945. The Commonwealth cannot be recreated. It is nothing more than an illusion. Poland needs Lithuania as a NATO partner/ally and a strong buffer against Russian political adventures.

Tony Mazeika,

Category : Opinions

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