18 February 2018
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Rimas Pileika Aage, is WLC an actual organization? If so, what is their web address? I'm not sure what she (they) do and what I would be emailing her about??

Irene Simanavicius I was just reading VilNEWS when I saw my name pop upt. I am very interested in finding out more info. I am very behind in my reading and will catch up today as i am home this morning. Thank you Aage Myhre for including me. I will be meeting with some other of my friends tomorrow and run it past them as well. :)

Aage Myhre ‎Rimas, Please have a look at today's front page of VilNews...
Rimas Pileika Anyone aware of a link to this organization?? Aciu
Aage Myhre Front page of VilNews



Michaela Maestas Thank you Brother ! Love my community in all its forms ! Yeah !
Irene Simanavicius I have just emailed Regina. :)

Carol Luschas Thanks for posting Aage! I will send her an e-mail.
Rimas Pileika Unfortunately, although I plan on partially retiring in LT one day, my knowledge of the language is probably not strong enough to carry the ball here. Yes, how does this group become relevant to the younger people who have chosen to leave LT vs those who were forced to run??

Warren Thompson Thank you for this Aage - I will most certainly consult her. I am a third generation Lithuanian. There are I believe many challenges to those like me who would like to see their future in Lithuania but are met with many obstacles. A friend once remarked to me "Lithuania is a country that people leave, not go to". Time for a turnaround. Valio Lietuvai!
Aage Myhre ‎Rimas, I think there are many like you out there... Please write directly to Regina - in English or Lithuanian... Ask her exactly this question...
Aage Myhre ‎Warren, I believe this is exactly the kind of attitude Regina is looking for!!!

Gail VanWart I just sent an e-mail.
Rimas Pileika I'm a little confused by this. This is a very open and (mostly) confirming forum for all participants. Why doesn't Regina come on here and tell us what she is looking for, etc? Better than dealing with individual emails that we will never get to see....I think, no???
Rimas Pileika OK, guess I'm scratching my head on this one. Seems like it would be easier to discuss general topics on this type of forum then to try and respond to 000's of emails. But those who write, keep us posted.

Ray Janus Posting this on 
...hopefully we can get some input from Lithuanians here..

Lithuanians Of Arizona
More than national pride, being Lithuanian is a state of mind.

Irena Dzikija Regina is great :)

Odetė Abromavičiūtė Dear Regina, please come on Facebook!

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