23 February 2018
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Parlamentarians, and their families, should be the first to be checked for “Unusual increase of wealth”

Balys Stankevicius

Excellent article. I too have seen and experienced the situation in Lithuania. May I add, all the dealings I have had with civil servants recently have been exceptionally pleasant. The staff have been most helpful, friendly and efficient. The biggest problem ,I believe, is corruption of Ministers, and their deputies. Examination of their true wealth acquired ,since becoming ministers, would be a start...Ministers and Parlamentarians, and their families, should be the first to be checked for "Unusual increase of wealth" since entering "Service". I am amazed that people holding public office can do as they please, without any legal or judicial control. The Soviet system of "Party" immunity must cease. Law makers must be the first to respect and keep the laws.

Category : Opinions

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