24 February 2018
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Time to leave Lithuania?

By Aage Myhre, Editor-in-Chief

I asked this question in my editorial last week, referring to the massive migration that takes place from Lithuania these days. We talk no longer about emigration, but about evacuation.

I also ventured to express some criticism on how this country has been ruled for the past 22 years, as it is my conviction that the mass exodus is due to these years’ mismanagement and inadequate facilitation for new jobs, new investments and new businesses.

I forgot, by the way, mentioning rule of law and system critical press as key ingredients for a country that wants progress. In these two areas Lithuania is still an undeveloped nation.

I used myself as an example. That was perhaps a mistake. What I wanted to convey was that foreigners who have come here to work or develop business do not feel particularly welcome. I also wanted to say that the same largely applies to the country’s own population, not least to all those who are now 'fleeing' from here, looking for a new and better country to live in.

Let me also stress that I myself will never leave Lithuania as such. A prominent Lithuanian-American once asked me why I do so much for Lithuania, although I do not have my roots here. My response was that 'I have my branches here, and branches are as important as roots'. I obviously was referring to my two children, who I hope one day will feel real pride being 50% Lithuanian. Because the downturn of this country will not continue forever. One day the negative trend will reverse.

Let me also state that VilNews will continue and increasingly evolve as an important link between Lithuanians and their homeland. More and more people are reading VilNews, more and more writing for us or contributing in other ways.

I think such a common communication platform will prove important in the 'reconstruction' of Lithuania as a nation, and of 'all Lithuanian' as a common, strong bond between all of us with Lithuania in our hearts.

Click HERE to read my last week editorial…

Here a few of the comments we have received:


Gaila Mucen

Maybe the Government will listen and start doing something when even westerners who wanted to build a thriving Lithuania start leaving
Your thoughts reflect the sentiments of other foreigners who came to Lithuania with big expectations of what a great country it could be but the situation today is a far cry from these expectations. The govt. chooses to ignore the mass exodus over the years of its people (not only young) but maybe it will listen and start doing something when even westerners who wanted to build a successful and thriving Lithuania start leaving taking their businesses, good ideas with them but more importantly they are sending a message that Lithuania is a sinking boat.

Gaila Mucen, Australia


Lars Malte Hansen

Our love and hate relation to the lovely place called Lithuania
Very well described, the love and hate relation to the lovely place called Lithuania. With so many opportunities and still with such grim prospects of the future. I say STAY. And not let the negative, departing nor disillusioned part of population decide which way their country will go.

Lars Malte Hansen, Denmark/Lithuania

Let us sail together and if at all sink – then sink together
Aage, Most of all feel much the same way for our dear Lithuania as we all came here not only to do something for ourselves but for this country too. I can say with confidence that things have improved but the impact is hardly felt. The Outflow of the young manpower who are the future of this country is a very worrying factor but looks like the Powers that be do not care. In this connection I am equally intrigued and confused by the influx of a large number of Indians who are opening Companies right left and center here in Lithuania. If they were solid investors and would create jobs, there would not be such anxiety but most are heading here not knowing what to do and how to do. Primarily they are interested in the Temporary Residence Permits and in the bargain the Law

Firms and the Companies dealing with such activity are having a field day.I am sure it must be much true for other Countries too especially from Asia and Africa. But Stay on my friend-you area powerful pillar of this city and of this country. Let us sail together and if at all sink-then sink together.

Rajinder Chaudhary, India/Lithuania

What this country needs is a Leader who believes
in Lithuania, believes in the Lithuanian people
It is always darkest before the storm. Being close to the problems is difficult. But we cannot give up! We cannot be quitters. The fight must go on. Lithuanian partisans gave their lives for their country, countless thousands of Lithuanians suffered in Gulags. Others suffered the loss of their country for years. The "Soviet" apparatus is very good. It finds legitimate problems, blows them out of proportion and demoralizes citizens. It is the most effective "Marketing" program I have ever studied. I went through the affects of "Soviet" propaganda in the Vietnam War. I watched a military dispirited by opposition fall prey to drugs and rebellion. I was part of the rebuilding of this military! It can be done. VilNews will be part of the solution.

What this country needs is a Leader who believes in Lithuania, believes in the Lithuanian people. The Lithuanian people must unite - not just in Lithuania but also in the Lithuanian diaspora. We must quit living in expectation of help from the government of Lithuania. The Government cannot help. We must report bribe takers, we must not give them anything. We must unite and fight for the Lithuania we believe in. I believe in Lithuania! I especially believe in the young people of Lithuania. I believe it is our duty to expose problems with the government - but we need to come up with solutions - not just repeat the problems.  Aage - hang in there you have more people behind you than you know.

Kestutis Eidukonis, Arizona/Lithuania

If you wanted to create a ruckus or take a stand, then
moving to Lithuania was probably not your best choice
Moving to a foreign country is one of the biggest life transitions you can ever make. While it can be challenging and fraught with paperwork, it can also be an immensely rewarding and enriching experience. Whether the move is for business purposes or for personal reasons. 

Another form of culture shock is learning what you cannot do, even though you could do in your old country. You aren't in a position to question it—you need to instead reach an acceptance that this is how things are done here. Whether the society you've gone to is more or less permissive than what you're used to, be sure to do the right thing to fit in.

If you wanted to create a ruckus or take a stand, then moving to Lithuania was probably not your best choice, nor any other country. (lol) 

Moving countries is right up there at the top of the stress scale. Some days it'll be fun. Other days it'll be the worst experience ever. And other days, it'll feel just like home, because it has become home. Your roller coaster of emotions deserves to be taken care of. If you suffer from anxiety, unabated fears, depression, etc., Do not suffer in silence—it will only be compounded by the foreignness of everything and everyone around you and you can end up feeling completely isolated and disillusioned! 

All in all Aage, I guess you know all this and we are going to miss you. Your family and your well being should always come first. 

A lot of us have never met personally, so for us, nothing has changed and nothing will change because of social networking. Bless you and your family and thank you! thank you! 

I have never ever enjoyed myself more as I have getting to know all of you, reading the paper and learning things about my heritage from all the different viewpoints and stories shared by all. See you on FB. 

Irene Simanavicius, Toronto, Canada

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