23 January 2018
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The Visaginas power station must be built!

By Mindaugas Gedgaudas
Newhall, California

Read this article from the recent issue of World Nuclear News.

The campaign to thwart the construction of a nuclear power plant in Lithuania was and continues to be orchestrated by Russia;  Russia is, and has been throughout history, determined to absorb the Baltic Nations, particularly Lithuania into their imperium.  

Today, Lithuania is nearly 100% dependent on Russia for sources of fuels to generate electricity;  if a new nuclear power station is not built in Lithuania, all electricity will soon be coming from Russian plants, and then we will not only be totally dependent on Russia's whims, but will also be paying them - as we already do -  to continue lulling us to eventually accept the imposition of their imperial dominance.    What wars, terrorism, subjugation, murder, brainwashing, denial of human rights failed at, the simple matter of control of electric power just may lead to success.   It is not for nothing that Russia demanded to remain as occupants of the Kaliningrad region and eventually annexed it;  it is not goodwill towards the Baltic States that caused them to build a large power station next door to Lithuania;  that was done with the clear intent of drawing Lithuania into their hegemony and so obliterating it as a sovereign people. 

Nuclear power is the only method available to Lithuania to have a non-polluting, nearly inexhaustible and cheap source of electricity without dependence on the governments of the surrounding states.    The Visaginas power station must be built and interference with its progress must be countered.  

Mindaugas Gedgaudas
Newhall, California

Category : Opinions

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