20 January 2018
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Vytis tail up or
Vytis tail down?

Rimgaudas Vidziunas
‎*Question* Vytis tail up or Vytis tail down? Have you ever noticed? Can anyone answer the symbolism? Thank you...

Irene Simanavicius Hmmmm..scratching my chin. The one I have at home the tail is down. what does it mean?

Frank Passic Even horses have to relieve themselves....

Darius Udrys Quick! Who can think of a discussion that would be an even bigger waste of time?
Darius Udrys Quick! Who can say something even more bathetic?
Darius Udrys Quick! Who should consult a dictionary?
Darius Udrys Who made you the boss of the internet?
Darius Udrys

Lietuvos žvaigždelės ir krūvelės | mobili versija
Šįmet kalbėta, kad statinys labai svarbus – juk Lietuva 2013 metų antroje pusėje pirmininkaus Europos Sąjungai (ES).

Bernard Terway Darius - what kind of a point are you trying to make? Your comments are simply stupid. I can think of something more "bathetic" in a split second. That is you.
Darius Udrys Oh, what wit! It's been a while since I've heard one from the "yo mama" series of rejoinders.

Merry Kay Aldonis I learned that whenever you see an elephant with his tail up, it meant either good luck or something very strong and vigor about it.

Merry Kay Aldonis I have a Lithuanian/English Dictiionary, but it does not say anything about tail

Virginia Pudinas Schoenfeld It's the elephants trunk Merry Kay. Not his tail. I think the tail on the horse just depends on the artists mood.

Merry Kay Aldonis Virginia Pudinas Shoenfeld you are ABSOLUTELY Correct!!

Merry Kay Aldonis In penmanship and writing analysis, they used to say that if you ended sentences or signatures with the last letter curving upward, always meant more of a positive nature.

Vytas Levickis After Independence there was confusion in Lithuania when the Vytis was depicted with the tail down. Now officially the Vytis has its tail up. This is the opposite to the Belarus Pahonia, the official coat of arms of Belarus from 1991 to 1995, which is nearly identical to the Vytis, but has its tail down. Both depict a charging knight on horseback
Darius Udrys My coworker says that in high school her history teacher made them discuss this issue and it was even a question on the test. Super. Next, why don't we discuss whether the left rear hoof should be ahead of or behind the right one?

Vijole Arbas then there is the question of the angle at which the knight holds his head high.
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