20 January 2018
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King of Lithuania?
Prince Inigo von Urach is ready!

Prince Inigo of Urach, born 12 April 1962, with his wife –
Daniela Freiin von und zu Bodman, born 28 August 1963.

By Liudvikas Jakavičius-Grimalauskas

Why do I write an article about Prince Inigo von Urach?
I am monarchist and I love to write about monarchy and nobility. I know that monarchy is not a topic that all people like, and that lot of people don’t want that monarchy returns to Lithuania. Personally, I think monarchy is the best form of government. If you research, 95% of the world monarchies are developed countries. But I respect all points of view, and also I can said that even if I prefer a monarchy to a republic, I am very satisfied with the work that our politicians have done, and I am very satisfied with the direction of our country. But, why do I think that this topic can be interesting for all Lithuanians? Because whether you like monarchy or not, this is part of our history, and Lithuanians like culture. So some people will like my points of views, and Prince Inigo von Urach views, and some will not. But the historical side of the article should be interesting for the majority of Lithuanians, whether they like monarchy or not.

Today Lithuania is a modern and dynamic North European nation of high technologies and innovations, with the second fastest growing economy in the European Union. But the territory that belongs to Lithuania has a large and old tradition as a Monarchy, tracing its political origins to 1219 as an independent Grand Duchy (The Grand Duchy of Lithuania), created by Mindaugas, a warrior who unified the territories that he conquered, proclaiming himself Grand Duke of Lithuania.

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