23 February 2018
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Many tend to think of Russia as a sad and grey country, often forgetting what a prominent cultural power this nation in fact is

Wyman Brent I have not visited Russia since the time I was there during the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Val Samonis I am one of those rusophiles (fluent in Russian, etc) even though I am a lifetime anti-Soviet, anti-communist persecuted by Polish and Soviet secret services and I asked & received a political asylum in North America!

Jenifer C. Dillis "Sad & grey" are the souls of those persecuted...I've never been, but as an American Lithuanian, I appreciate the arts, traditions, and cultures that escaped the greyness and heaviness which may forever be associated with such a nation/government...

Irena Dzikija Never thought about Russia as sad or grey. Russia and Russians are colourful  The Putin's regime makes it seem so. Have you ever been to St Petersburg?

Aage Myhre Yes, Irena Dzikija, I have been to St. Petersburg. Would have liked to make a separate story on the city and the Italian influenced art and architecture there and along the Baltic Sea nations throughout the centuries... 

Vincas Karnila Comrade Putin has been notorious for doing a lot of things but this is the first time ever I’ve ever heard of him or his iron clad, Soviet style administration described as making Rusija “colorful”
For the sake of all the civilized world, please give us your definition of “colorful”

Vincas Karnila From Ms. Dzikija or anyone else that can somehow explain how Comrade Putin is “colorful”. 
I whole heartedly agree that Rusija has some many absolutely beautiful areas and who cannot enjoy the gregarious charm of many of the Rusijos people – BUT Putin and his administration making Rusija “colorful”????????? PLEASE explain this one to me?????????

Irena Dzikija Vincai, I meant Putin's regime (do you know the definition of the word?) makes it seem sad and grey, to my mind. I do not know Russia, I have never lived there, but I know a little bit their culture, speak very good Russian. Have relatives in St Petersburg. My grandmother - a fantastic lady was Russian. RIP. Satisfied ?

Boris Bakunas Russian literature and music ranks among the world's greatest. Just think Pushkin, Lermontov, Gogol, Dostoievski, Tolstoy, Turgenev, Chekhov, Yesenin, Ahkmatova, Blok, Nabakov, Solzhenitsyn, Josef Brodsky, etc.

And in music, Tsaichovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Borodin, Stravinsky, Prokoviev, Rachmaninoff...

One must never confuse people with the government they are stuck with.

Vincas Karnila Ačiū p. Irena kad Jus paaiškinote - “colorful” is one of those English words that can mean many many different things and with the exception of one, they are all positive. I would say that if someone wanted to describe comrade Putin as “colorful” they could and this would be using the only negative meaning of the word. There are so many ways that I would use “colorful” in very positive ways to describe Rusija.

Aš laimingas, kad mes susitariame :o)

Vincas Karnila You are so right Boris – Rusija is truly rich in culture. 
It was sad how so many artists were suppressed during Soviet times

Boris Bakunas @Vincas Karnila. Yes, Vincas, So many sent to the camps, shot, or forced to commit suicide! 

Sometimes when I hear the word "civilization," I cringe. The 20th century has been the bloodiest in all of human history. That's civilization?

And then I think of the kind of lives lived by individual human beings who were able to rise and live like eagles. Think of Kudirka and Basanavicius. Think of our partizanai! Think of the priests and ministers who refused to renounce their beliefs under torture and ministered to their brethren in Siberia.

Such people exist in all nations. They live on in our memories like beacons leading us to a higher form of life -- beyond the daily grind for money-making or the desperate pursuit of diversion in fleeting pleasures. We can learn about them through the books they have written, or through the books written about them.

Who among us has not experienced the profound influence a book read at the right time can have on our lives? 

As bad as the economic situation in Lithuania is right now, at least our people have the right to read what they choose and say what they think. We can be in control of our lives right now!
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