23 February 2018
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Lithuania's 300-year-old market, Kaziuko mugė (Casimir’s Fair), is one of the world's most interesting outdoor markets,
since the early 1700s! This market takes normally place the first weekend in March each year. But also during the rest
of the year Lithuania is an attractive shopper's paradise, with prices people from the west could only dream about...

The shopping malls

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Vilnius became a shopper's paradise during the last decade when plenty of massive shopping malls were opened all over the city. There are three large American-style shopping malls here; Akropolis, Panorama andOzasAkropolis is famous for its enormous number of shops, restaurants, coffee corners, plus its bowling and cinema facilities. You can also ice-skate or watch professional ice-hockey. Ozas is the newest mall, next to the aqua park Vichy Vanderparkas. There are also several smaller shopping centres, like Europaclose to the city centre. Kaunas is also a city of shopping malls in the city outskirts. The main ones areAkropolis, Mega, Molas, Savas, HyperMaxima, and UrmasKlaipeda is a major shopping centre for people from the western part of the country, as well as for visitors from Latvia and Kaliningrad. The main shoppingmalls here are Akropolis, Arena, Studlendas and BIG. Many people arriving to the city on cruise ships also do their shopping in Klaipeda. Prices are good and the selection of goods truly wide...

Akropolis shopping mall in Vilnius opened
in 2002. It has a gross area of 110.000 m2 and is the largest in the
Baltic countries. It attracted more than 13,5 million visitors per year in 2009.


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Join us on the antiques trail

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The many antique shops in Vilnius Old Town are the places to snoop around for decadent antiques. Many of them are as much galleries as shops. Browse opulent silverware, inlaid walnut furniture, pottery, elaborate hand-blown glass and gilt-framed religious paintings. One of the better ones is Vilniaus Antikvaro Centras on Dominikonų Street, which is a floor-to-ceiling treasure trove. The ground floor features jewellery, paintings and furniture, although you should make sure to ask the staff to take you down into the cavernous, brightly lit cellar where antiques have been grouped into sections by theme – Socialist Realism, Lithuanian folk art, etchings, Tsarist-era collectibles, Orthodox icons, and so forth.…


Category : Go shopping!


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    • The Gariunai Market is a place you will never forget once you’ve been there
      If you want a taste of the largest and most peculiar open-air market on the Baltic Coast, then Gariunai Market outside Vilnius is clearly the place to go. Thousands of merchants gather here every day of the week, from very early morning till early afternoon. All kinds of goods like clothes, music, shoes and software are available here. Gariunai Market is a must-see; however, quality doesn't always come cheap.

    • Juozas Statkevicius
      Juozas Statkevicius is Lithuania’s most prominent fashion designer, well-known far beyond the borders of the Baltic States. In fact, he is the first designer from the Baltics to present his haute couture collections in Paris (in 2001 and 2002) and the first Lithuanian who has made appearance on glossy pages of Elle and Vogue fashion magazines. Statkevicius designs are available in New York, London and Tokyo and such stars as Bjork, Kyra Sadgwick and Naomi Watts wear them. The designer, who recently celebrated his 40th birthday, considers that fashion exists for one single reason - the love towards a woman, and his creative style is a perfect manifestation of that. His designs are like exquisite dreams, acted out in garments, with every elaborate and evocative detail telling its own story. The Statkevicius fashion house in Vilnius is a destination in itself and provides a perfect background for his designs. Like a frame, captured from a 1940s Hollywood movie, it makes us forget the reality of the 21st century for a while... "The most dreadful is not to have a single dream, that's the end then," says the fashion designer who is renowned for his theatre costumes, too, featured on numerous scenes around the world.


    • Lithuanian Apranga leads the Baltic fashion retail
      Apranga Group is a distinct leader of clothing retail in the Baltic States. Group increased retail clothing market share up to 35% in the local Lithuanian market. At the beginning of 2003, the company started its activity in Latvia. In 2004 company expanded to Estonia. Currently, the Group operates a chain of 114 stores in the Baltic States: 73 – in Lithuania, 31 – in Latvia, and 10 – in Estonia.

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