23 February 2018
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Arūnas Sakalauskas invited 1095 people to lie down in the Vilnius cathedral square for every suicide made last year.
Photo: Ieva Budzeikaitė

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Love and suicide in Lithuania



Photo: Vladimiras Ivanovas

By Dr. Boris Vytautas Bakunas

A young Lithuanian policeman is found slumped in the seat of his car shot dead, his weapon clutched in one hand – in his other hand his mobile phone containing a text message he had received:  “I love another” (report by psychologist Andrius Kaluginas).

According to the World Health Organization, Lithuania now has the highest suicide rate in the world.  Psychiatrists, sociologists, and journalists often link Lithuania’s skyrocketing suicide rate to social instability, poverty, high unemployment, and alcoholism.

What has gone largely unnoticed is that one of the leading causes of suicide among people under the age of thirty is unrequited love.…


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Healing the heart and
soul of Lithuania

By Ida Hardy, Texas, USA

Lithuania is my mother’s country. She escaped with her mother and sisters as a young child and at one point in her life she wanted to return. It seemed to me that she heard the whispers from the wind in the forests and they were calling her home. My mother taught us a little about the folk tales and the music. She taught us to meditate and a little bit about yoga and I wanted to learn more about her childhood home. But the Soviets were still reigning and it was impossible for us to go. Later, as we cried on the phone on that day in 1991 I asked her if she would like to return and she said, “You can never go back. Things are changed so much.”

Her message was about more than the structure of her home and the murder of her father. She was really talking about the broken spirits of all the people who were victims, those who were aggressors, and those who were both. There is no going back. No one can undo the evil that has taken place anywhere on the planet throughout time.

I’m a yoga teacher and natural health practitioner. I learned much of what I know from my mother, and everything else I learned at University. University may have offered more details but I think it all simply confirmed everything she taught about keeping the body healthy. Probably what every mother teaches.


Category : Health & wellbeing

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Guardian Angels
– do they exist?

Guardian angel, by Pietro da Cortona, 1656

Some weekend thoughts
by Irene Simanavicius, Toronto

“Guardian Angels.....ethereal beings who we feel and sometimes see....who snatch us from the brink of disaster and give us subtle advice.....who watch over us while we go about our mundane activities......what a wonderful concept!  The concept has been in the supernatural spectrum since ancient times.  However, today Angels are inherently a highly religious phenomenon, and the implied concept of Angels is indirect communication with God himself.” 
The concept of Guardian Angels has likely been around since the dawn of mankind.  It is a concept that has been embraced in some form by virtually every religion since the beginning of religion itself.  The modern day depictions of winged beings sitting on clouds and playing harps comes to mind in pretty much all of us when we think of our Guardian Angel, or of Angels in general.  In the mainstream psyche, we generally equate Guardian Angels as a spiritual being with our best interests at heart whose purpose is to serve us without interfering with our free will.  The modern marketplace solidifies this with angel statuettes, jewelry, wall hangings, plaques and every kind of Angel paraphernalia imaginable at every turn.  Classic movies involve Angel themes, most notably in "A Wonderful Life" where an Angel gently shows a mortal man the positive impact he has had on the lives of others, thus turning his own life around.
So what are Guardian Angels?  Are they real?  Are they figments of our collective imaginations?  Are they something in the realm of paranormal like ghosts?  Is there any proof that they exist? Are they agents of God?  Can we see them?  What do they look like?  Can we talk to them? 


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The totalitarian mindset

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By:  Dr. Boris Bakunas, M.A., M.Ed, Ph.D.

Fact:  In a 2008 poll conducted by Rossiya State television that drew more than 50 million votes, Josef Stalin was chosen as the third most popular figure in Russian history.

Fact:  In 2011, Anders Behring Breivik massacred 69 adolescents at a Labor Party youth camp on Utoya Island, Norway shortly after bombing government buildings in Oslo where eight people were killed.  Breivik claimed that he was acting in self-defense to protect Norway from an Islamic terrorist takeover.

Fact:  Under the shield of the internet, thousands of ultra-nationalists and religious extremists openly espouse mass murder, e.g., “Go into the streets and murder those Russians and Poles, (TheKingdomofGames, 2012), “HOW ABOUT WE KILL MUSLIMS,” (666MikeRochip, 2012), and “Its time to destroy America and capitalism…Soviet union live forever in our hearts!” (KenseiTakesi, 2012).


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Overconsumption of alcohol destroys the lives of more and more young people in Europe

British teenage girls are starting to drink alcohol at the average age of 13,
a new study shows according to The Telegraph.
Photo: Christopher Pledger

According to The Telegraph, British researchers have found that today's teenagers start drinking an average of two years younger than women who are now in their mid-twenties did, with most admitting that they had drunk alcohol by the age of 13 or 14.

It is to assume that similar figures apply to many other countries in Europe.

Drinking from a younger age leads teenagers to go on to consume alcohol more heavily, the study also found.

Doctors warn that changes in drinking habits are leading to a rapid rise in the number of young individuals with liver problems.

They say that they are seeing increasing numbers of women in their 20s and 30s with cirrhosis of the liver, a disease virtually unheard of in that age group a decade ago.

A report by a Government watchdog warns that 10 million people in Britain are now drinking at "hazardous" levels.

Girls of today are 'stressed, drunk and discriminated against', report finds 

Doctors have warned that more people die from alcohol than breast cancer, cervical cancer and MRSA, the hospital superbug, combined.


Category : Health & wellbeing

Preventing suicide

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If you or someone you know is living with depression or bipolar disorder (also known as manic depression), you understand all too well that the symptoms may include feelings of sadness and hopelessness. These feelings can also include thoughts of self-harm or suicide. Whether we have suicidal thoughts ourselves, or know a severely depressed person who does, there are ways that we can respond with strength and courage.

Understanding Suicidal Thinking

The most important thing to remember about suicidal thoughts is that they are symptoms of a treatable illness associated with fluctuations in the body’s and brain’s chemistry. They are not character flaws or signs of personal weakness, nor are they conditions that will just "go away" on their own. Depression and the depressive phase of bipolar disorder may cause symptoms such as the following: 

  • intense sadness
  • hopelessness
  • lethargy
  • loss of appetite
  • disruption of sleep
  • decreased ability to perform usual tasks
  • loss of interest in once-pleasurable activities

Taken together, these symptoms may lead someone to consider suicide. However, with proper treatment the majority of people do feel better and regain hope. Recovery is possible.

An article by the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA)
The mission of the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) is to provide hope, help, and support to improve the lives of people living with mood disorders. DBSA pursues and accomplishes this mission through peer-based, recovery-oriented, empowering services and resources when people want them, where they want them, and how they want to receive them.


Category : Health & wellbeing


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    • Comments to our articles about suicide in Lithuania
      VilNews articles on this topic:


      Only a few kill themselves for rational reasons

      Dr. Boris Vytautas Bakunas

      By: Dr. Boris Vytautas Bakunas, M. A., M. Ed., Ph. D.

      "The vast majority of people who commit suicide are severely depressed. Only a few kill themselves for rational reasons such as avoiding the final stages of an extremely painful and fatal illness. Depression may be triggered by adverse events, but they are not the direct cause of most depressions. Many people face extreme adversity without succumbing to depression.

      As a vast amount of empirical research has shown, the belief systems that people hold have a profound effect on their moods. People who suffer from depression generally believe several of the following things : (a) their lives are terrible, (b) they are guilty for having brought on the bad conditions they face, (c) they are powerless to change their lives, and (d) their lives will never improve. When you're depressed you tell yourself that a horrible tragedy has struck your life, you are worthless and overwhelmed by the difficulties you face, and since there is nothing you can do to solve your problems, your life is not worth living.
      Read more…

      Bipolar Manic Depressive Disorder can be beaten

      Ray Tyler

      Suicidal thoughts occur when pain coping resources are exceeded by pain. This comment (or variations on it) occurs regularly if a search on suicide is made on the internet. The comment is so common that it could almost be accepted as a definition of suicidal thoughts.

      If it is accepted as a definition of suicidal thoughts it immediately high-lights two immediate ways of reducing the chances of suicide.
      Reduce the person's pain or increase that person's coping ability. In many cases even knowing that they are being listened to can achieve this result.
      Read more…

      Ray Tyler

      It's time to seriously consider Lithuania’s high suicide rate

      Marina Farrell

      It's time to seriously consider the high suicide rate of Lithuania. Recent news of another in Vilnius as well as being described as an epidemic has brought world-wide concern, especially to those who have close ties to Lithuanians.

      Here's a video from an ad campaign by popular singer Andrius Mamontovas from a couple years ago, who has put forth great efforts to prevent suicide in Lithuania.

      Marina Farrell,
      Denver, Colorado, USA

      To learn more, go to Marina’s website “I love Lithuania” ...for fans, friends & all who love Lithuania”. She runs this fantastic site from her hometown Denver!


    • Health tourism in Lithuania
      Many people come to Lithuania for quality health care at a reasonable cost. Medical quality is very high. As an example, I recently destroyed a molar tooth. About 1/3 of the tooth broke off.

    • God bless the Baltic American clinic!
      Our baby was born at the Baltic American Clinic and our experience at the BAC could not have been better. Much of our positive experience at the Baltic American Clinic was due to two people: Our amazing OB/GYN Jurate and the excellent mid-wife Rasa. Rasa is something like the "mother superior" of the Baltic American Neonatology Center. Rasa runs everything with her experience and her charm. Rasa gave us our first lessons in parenthood. While Jurata took care of all things medical, Rasa was responsible for nearly everything else (food, comfort, diaper changes, even the bill at the end of the stay). Rasa seemed to be always watching over us with her careful eye. We loved it!

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      Vilnius has two health clubs:

      Forum Sports Club on Konstitucijos 26

      Impuls Gym: Several locations around town including Kareivių, Savanorių, Ozo, etc.

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