23 February 2018
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Šv. Kazimiero gatvė (St. Casimir street), Vilnius

Vilnius catches and changes your soul!

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ABOVE: My first project in Vilnius Old Town was to transform an old building that was one of the most dilapidated ones, almost in ruins,  into a modern office building. Lithuanian building products were then still of Soviet quality, so I had to import windows, doors and most other products from Norway. Still I believe this building came to play an important role as an example for later renovation projects by local architects, developers and construction companies. But the building also taught me something about Vilnius and Lithuania, i.e. through the fragments of ancient paint we found on the building façades; layer upon layer of colour and treatment materials applied over hundreds of years. For me this was concrete evidences that gave me a deeper impression and understanding of the multifaceted history this country has been through. It was as if the paint layers spoke to me from Lithuania's past centuries of successes and failures.


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Vilnius Old Town is
unique in the world

Dominikonu Street in Vilnius Old Town. The colours play together. The
attention to detail is great.

Photo: Aage Myhre.

Text: Aage Myhre, architect and editor.

From an architectural point of view, the Vilnius Old Town is unique. In the world. It can also be justified to call this the world's most international city, taking into account all nations and cultures that have been involved in its planning and construction over many centuries. 

It was here architects and builders from Italy and other Mediterranean countries came to shape the international Vilnius almost 700 years ago, along with experts from Central Europe. The influence of the city's large Jewish community was also very evident throughout the centuries.

It is to Vilnius you should come if you want to watch an entire people's ancient spirit, expressed in a beautiful, special setting unmatched anywhere else. It is when you walk around in the streets here that you will understand why Vilnius has been named as the 'New Babylon', 'Jerusalem of the North', 'The world's most Italian city outside Italy' and 'The world's most baroque city north of the Alps'.

It's when you feel the round cobbles in the streets pushing up against your shoe soles that you can fully understand the concepts of multiculturalism and multi-nationalism, as you could find it in Old Vilnius.


Category : Real estate, building, design, architecture

The ’City of Dreams’ property development

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These three gentlemen are essential in the property development, the hotel and the golf club at Le Meridien Vilnius – Sandy Blackwood (Director of Sales and Marketing, Vilnius Golf Spa & Resort), Robert Overend (Director for Sales and Marketing at the hotel), and Yiannis Tsioukanis (Golf Operations Manager).

Vilnius Golf & Spa Resort has begun Stage one of a two stage development to build a ‘City of Dreams’ in a 350 acre Private Estate only minutes from Vilnius. The Estate, adjacent to the Lé Meridien Vilnius hotel and has the Baltics’ only 18-hole PGA championship golf course; around which construction began in October 2010 of one bedroom apartments, two and three bedroom townhouses and three and four bedroom villas.

The exteriors of the properties are designed by Darling Associates London, who won the best architectural practice of the year in 2009 by the Architect Journal and the interior design concepts are by Anoushka Hempel Design studio London, who designed 3 award winning boutique hotels (Blakes London, Blakes Amsterdam, The Hempel, London) which showcase their signature style.


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Luxury home market starts to rebound

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The luxury property market, though having experienced a slowdown in the level of transactions in 2009-2010, is reacting very differently to the crisis, if compared with the general residential market. The past two years in many ways were the opposite, 2009 being full of uncertainty, cautious behaviour and modest spending, whereas in 2010 the perceived stability in business and economic environment in Lithuania has brought the luxury property market up on feet, with buyers more willing to buy and sellers more willing to sell. The level of transactions is thus expected to improve in 2011, whereas the price level will most likely fluctuate around the same level.
Nevertheless, we should see more of rent transactions in the luxury property market as well. Typical owners perceive luxury properties more as an investment, thus an option to “check-out” the property before buying something in a similar location is attractive.


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A Russian Orthodox Church

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A rainy Saturday, back in 2004, seemed to be a good time to finish my research of the previous day at the National Library adjacent to the parliament in Vilnius, Lithuania. It’s a walk-able distance from my temporary home, but I decided to take the trolleybus at the one-half price student discount, for nineteen cents Canadian. While crossing the Neris River, I remembered that my destination was on the opposite side of the river via a nearby bridge: a city-block north and another block east. I could see where I wanted to go, all I had to do was get to the other side of this church, obviously a Russian Orthodox church, too insignificant to be in any of the tourist brochures. But there it was, with its front door invitingly open.


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Has Lithuania’s real estate market started recovering?

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The Baltic countries seem to start recovering from a deep recession. All in all, the region’s competiveness is improving and, as the internal imbalances are solved, the region is expected to continue its progress on the economic ladder, followed by recovery in real estate market. Since the beginning of 2010 the Baltic countries have been trying to reach the bottom and is still unsure what the frail surface under the feet really means. Notwithstanding this, it is rather clear, that further fluctuations should be very minor and the major shocks are left behind. In any case, lets hope that global economy will not suffer the “W” scenario, which could be extremely harmful for such fragile economies as the Baltic States. So, what challenges and opportunities will Lithuania face in 2011? Is the current foundation strong enough to restart at a full pace?


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Sleeping Beauty about to Wake up

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Luxury Residential Property Market in Lithuania

Throughout the last decade residential property market has experienced one of the largest booms as well as one of the hardest falls among other property markets in Lithuania. Influenced by a strong growth of the economy and even stronger future growth forecasts, fuelled by loosely controlled bank credit market and inexpensive lending as well as high future income expectations, the residential property market suffered from quick yet low-quality supply of new residential projects, bankruptcies of many of property developers and failures of many of the inhabitants who took mortgages, to repay or keep with the payment schedule.

However, many of the abovementioned issues, which strongly influenced the economy-class and medium class residential property markets, were not so in line with the developments in the luxury property markets in Lithuania.


Category : Real estate, building, design, architecture

Interiors, interiors, interiors…

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What is up now 2011? TIPS from the Maison & Objet – interior exhibition in Paris

Today, in 2011, we are living in accordance with the sprit of the Rabbit Year! This year is lovely, absolutely lovely. You can feel the difference after the stormy Tiger Year, which was last year.


Category : Real estate, building, design, architecture


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I feel like I had a stroll through Vilnius

Thank you - I feel like I had a stroll through Vilnius (and also made me homesick) some beautiful photos...
Virginija Shimkute,
New Zealand

Your perceptions about Vilnius, Lithuania and architecture

Excellent and interesting publication you have! I have been receiving copies of your publication through friends, and I would like to be added to your email list. I am an architect also, in Michigan, and do travel back to Vilnius every year and have an apartment on Ausros Vartu Street, where I experience a totally different rhythm of life than in the USA. Your perceptions about Vilnius and Lithuania, and architecture are insightful and accurate. Keep going! I would like to meet you next time I am in town, if possible.
Algimantas Bublys,
Michigan, USA

Vilnius looks even more charming

Thank you for this splendid tour. Here from Tashkent, Vilnius looks even more charming. I hope you all get out of the crisis soon. Uzbekistan is a very interesting place to work for me and actually without Icelandic volcano cloud. Central Asia is full of surprises and art.
Anne Bauty,
Ambassador of Switzerland to Uzbekistan

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