18 February 2018
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The biggest sin a manager
can commit is doing nothing

Enterprise management in unstable economy:
What is important for you as a manager to know?

Hotel Villon le Meridien, 29 September, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

By Ulf Hallan, President of European Leadership Institute

If you are going to participate in one seminar this autumn, let it be this one. Not for yourself, but for the future of your company!

The dark clouds are arising again over the World Economy. Uncertainty and fear of the future do not only scare the World Leaders. They are trying to act now to save us from a new recession.

This situation does not only call for action from politicians. You, as a manager have a responsibility to make the right decisions now for your company.

But what are the right decisions? Should we cut costs or invest? Should we downsize or expand? What are the most necessary actions to be taken by you as a manager in the current situation?

To seek out the answer to these and other questions, we invite you to meet some of the people who can answer these questions. Not only to hear what they have to say, but also to enter into active discussions together with colleagues from many businesses, other managers who also make their decisions these days on how to handle their companies into the months ahead of us.

Some say that the biggest sin a manager can commit is doing nothing. Your actions today have their consequences a year from now. And maybe in two and three years.

This is not going to be a listening seminar. You must be prepared to take part in the group and plenary discussions. Sharing your thoughts and actions. As we do have some non-Lithuanian speakers (their introductions will be translated), we will also have one or two English speaking working groups. Please check if you wish to take part in one of these and brush up your English. All other groups will work in Lithuanian language.

This seminar is intended for managers who have the responsibility of their company’s future. Weather you run a production company, an IT or Telecom company, a hotel or a service provider, this seminar will help you address the two most important questions:

·         What is happening out there?

·         What should I do in this situation? 




European Leadership Institute invites you to the interactive seminar


Enterprise management in unstable economy:
What is important for You as a manager to know?

Location and place

Hotel Villon le Meridien, September 29, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Price 320 LTL +PVM





How much risk can You take in today’s unstable economy? What should You be aware of? How can You make early forecast of the trends and be ahead of Your competitors? How can You make better informed decisions? What is the best strategy in Your sector now?


Case studies from Lithuanian companies. How have Lithuanian companies dealt with the economic crisis and recession? What were successful and doomed strategies? What is the current situation in the share market and what can You expect tomorrow?


How to design a good business strategy? Most of good strategies on paper fail, how to implement it well? How to integrate quality, personnel and performance management? How do You stimulate collaboration instead of competition between departments? How do You ensure flexibility and fast decision making, what is vital for business now?


The connections between local and global economy, linkage between share market and real economy, the long-term perspectives for Lithuanian economy. What can you expect in your sector? What should you take into account?








9.00-9.15 Presentation of ELIN (Ulf Hallan, ELIN)

9.15-9.30 Introduction (Loreta Vaičaitytė, ELIN)

9.30-10.30 Risk management: recommendations by Fredrik Borch, DnB NORD

10.30-10.45 Coffee break

10.45-11.45 Lessons and examples from the economic crisis: analysis by Tadas Povilauskas, Finasta

11.45-12.15 Group discussion (Loreta Vaičaitytė, ELIN)

12.15-13.15 Lunch break

13.15-14.15 Integration of internal processes (Loreta Vaičaitytė, ELIN)

14.15-14.45 Individual reflection: structured analysis of your enterprise (Loreta Vaičaitytė, ELIN)

14.45-15.00 Coffee break

15.00-16.00 Long-term Lithuanian business perspectives (Rimantas Rudzkis, DnB NORD)

16.00-16.45 New opportunities and innovative business solutions (Rimantas Rudzkis, DnB NORD, Torben Pedersen, Deloitte & Loreta Vaičaitytė, ELIN)

16.45-17.00 Discussion and conclusions (Loreta Vaičaitytė, ELIN)



The seminar language will be Lithuanian. However, we hope to have one English work group.


If you would like to register, please call 861292665 or write to us 

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