20 January 2018
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Is there a future for VilNews?

There will be no updates of VilNews e-magazine for
the period 9 – 22 June 2012.

By Aage Myhre, VilNews Editor-in-Chief

It seems, unfortunately, that we may have to stop publishing VilNews later this summerdue to lack of economic support and advertising from Lithuanian State, businesses and organizations, this despite the tremendous success we have had when it comes to worldwide readership and general interest.

Ideas and suggestions from you, dear readers who wouldn’t like to see this happen, would be very much appreciated.

When we went online with VilNews 16 months ago, the internet experts predicted that a ‘niche product’ like ours would probably attract no more than 10-15,000 readers per year. Today this is the number of readers we have per week (!), and we have till now welcomed close to 400,000 visitors from 181 countries; a tremendous success both with regards to readership and the great response we have had from Lithuanians and others from literally every corner of the globe. As far as I know, we are now the largest online publication from and about Lithuania in the world…

I have been told that we have more readers than all Lithuanian tourist brochures and presentations altogether.

I have been told that we have been doing more to connect global Lithuanians than all governmental institutions together…

If VilNews was printed on paper it would become a book of 7,000 pages, thicker than the Bible, making it the world’s largest and most comprehensive collection of, and source for, historical and contemporary information about the nation called Lithuania. This does, however, not impress the country’s State leaders or businesses.

When we have asked companies and the State authorities for economic support, the answer is either NO, or we get no answer at all (which is the most common ‘response’).

So far, we, the owners/shareholders, have subsidized the publishing, but I’m afraid our general meeting later this summer will be negative to do this much longer.

I think it would be sad if this enormous collection of Lithuania-related information would be lost, and I think it would be a sad day for our many readers who no longer will be getting their daily manna and access to a freestanding, democratic communication platform for good debates and the sharing of thoughts, memories and much more.

It would almost be like burning down a national library, wouldn’t it?

At the moment I am not very optimistic, but I would still be happy to hear if you, dear readers, have any ideas that could help keeping VilNews alive and online.

It is ten years since VilNews was established as a newsletter for VIC (Vilnius International Club – started 2001). Over the years, the newsletter got attention and readers from a worldwide audience far beyond the spheres of the club, and grew from having a few hundred readers to an estimated readership of more than
10,000 by the end of 2010.

Against this background, it was in September 2010 decided that VilNews should be separated from the club and established as a separate corporation and publisher, with the aim to turn the newsletter into an online e-magazine with a broad scope of issues and coverage.

VilNews e-magazine went online 15 February 2011, and has during the 16 months that have passed since then achieved a very solid, global success, now with close to 400,000 readers in no less than 181 countries!

Lithuanians around the world have united through VilNews. Thanks to you all, for the massive, wonderful feedback throughout the time we’ve spent together. I sincerely hope that this is not the end!

Kindest Regards,
Aage Myhre

Aage Myhre
VilNews Editor-in-Chief
Tel: +370 699 33 222




BELOW: A few out of many comments received regarding VilNews:


Dr. Irena Veisaite, Chairwoman of the 
VilNews Honorary Council

As long as VilNews exists, there is hope for the future

Professor Irena Veisaite, Chairwoman of our Honorary Council, has asked us to convey her heartfelt greetings to the other Council Members and to all readers ofVilNews.

“My love and best wishes to all. As long as VilNews exists, there is hope for the future,” she writes.

Irena Veisaite means very much for our publication, and we do hereby thank her for the support and wise commitment she always shows. You can read our interview with her HERE.


"VilNews changes the world’s perception of Lithuania!"
The woman I spoke with at the national day celebration at the Norwegian Embassy in Vilnius on 17 May had much good to say about our VilNews e-magazine, and I do not deny that it felt good to hear such words – confirming that what we have tried to describe and gain an understanding of, in and about the 'Lithuanian', has been so well received, perceived and understood by one of our readers. This is what she said:

"VilNews contribute more to Lithuania's international reputation than any political leader or advertising campaign has done for this country over the last twenty years. Soviet Union's attack on Lithuania in January 1991 led naturally to enormous press coverage all over the world, but attention was soon gone and Lithuania did nothing to exploit 'the commercial value' of the great interest that we were exposed to by then. And since then, most of the international press coverage of Lithuania has been negative, characterized by the crimes carried out by individuals and gangs here.

Then VilNews appears and suddenly we have access to a unique publication that explains Lithuania to the world in a completely different, clever way that makes the country sound and look very interesting again. Even those times when you criticize various aspects it is understood that the criticism is based on well-founded ideas, fairness and a balanced approach.

You've just changed the image and perception of Lithuania. I am also very impressed with the unusual combination you present the news, blogs, comments, debates and a vast background material - not least that of historical character.

It is also very good to see so many of your readers actually write and communicate actively through the channel you offer them through VilNews. I've actually never seen anything like it anywhere in the world. I recommend now VilNews to all my contacts around the world. I wish fervently that the nation's leaders would study the publication very carefully, and follow up much of what you write and propose."




Mikhail Iossel


An important, noble thing for the country 

Congratulations on the VilNews debut in this new, expanded format. It looks very good indeed, is highly informative, and I wish you much success with it. The sheer amount of effort and dedication that must have gone into getting this undertaking off the ground is quite awe-inspiring. You are doing an important, noble thing for the beautiful country you love. It is indeed an exceptionally interesting, genuinely fascinating country, with a turbulent past and difficult present -- a place that, despite (and in part, due to) the many still-unresolved issues of history, never is not-interesting, where "the past is not dead. It isn't even past," to quote Faulkner -- and as someone who also has been held under its thrall for many years, I share your desire to see as many people as possible the world over to discover it, come visit -- and fall in love with it, too, and keep coming back. My very best wishes to VilNews.
- Mikhail Iossel, Professor, Montreal, Canada



Kristina Lukošiūtė


We really needed something like this long ago

Let me express my warmest greetings for such a wonderful job. I’m sure it will contribute a lot to creating a better image of Lithuania in the world. We really needed something like this long ago.
- Kristina Lukošiūtė, Lithuanian Business Confederation | ICC Lithuania 
Director of Corporate Affairs




Jon Platakis



Maintaining the pride of being Lithuanian

We, at the National Lithuanian American Hall of Fame, are extremely appreciative of the superb job you did in prominently displaying our articles in your publication.
Your publication is one of the few remaining publications, where our English speaking Lithuanians can keep abreast of events and maintain their pride of being Lithuanian.
- Jon Platakis, Chairman, National, Lithuanian American Hall of Fame, Chicago



John Burrows

Very well produced

Thank you for sending me VILNEWS. It is very well produced, informative and a very good read for me as I wish to stay in touch with Lithuania life and business. I receive the daily Baltic News but it is inferior to VILNEWS as it is always biased towards Latvia and has many mistakes in the English. VILNEWS is much more professional and absorbing.
- John Burrows, London



Valdas Samonis

Good job with VilNews, actually a unique one globally!

- Valdas Samonis PhD, CPC (USA - Canada),
The Web Professor of Global Management (SM) Institute for New Economic Thinking, New York City, USA og Royal Roads University, Canada. Knowledge Management Editor, Transnational Corporations Review (TNCR).



Paulius Kulikauskas

Far away from home, we need a publication different from the mainstream news portals

Congratulations with VilNews! Far away from home, we need a publication different from the mainstream news portals, which are often permeated with negative attitude and serving narrow, short-term interests. Your interest to history and the international dimension of Lithuania has made your publication a very engaging reading. I trust VilNews will remain enthusiastic, honest and insightful. Please rest assured that you have a dedicated reader in Africa.

- Paulius Kulikauskas, Nairobi, Kenya




Professor Mykolas J. Drunga

Your critical comments on, and wishes for, Lithuania in this issue are excellent

I agree with every word, and can only hope that more Lithuanians would take your very informed, friendly, and insightful message to heart!  I intend to translate most of your remarks, published in VilNews, into Lithuanian as part of my international press review this Wednesday. As I said before, I think your remarks are very valuable and reflect an enlightened attitude that should be broadcast as widely as possible to a Lithuanian audience. 

- Professor Mykolas J. Drunga, Broadcaster at Lithuanian State Radio


Fundamental, personal values, sharp vision, continuous commitment, and hard work

Some world leaders loud the phrases "yes we can" and "change you can trust (what change: good or bad?)"... However, what they fail to understand is that to achieve great results it takes fundamental, personal values, sharp vision, continuous commitment, and hard work. That is why they fail and You succeed! 
- Romas Brickus , Cape Cod Island, USA 



Professional looking site and highly informative publication. 
Very many congratulations on a fantastic achievement with producing such a very professional looking site and highly informative publication. 
- Peter Swanson, (British-Lithuanian Society), UK 




Immense damage after 50 years of oppression:

You have seen it, recognized the problem and

tried to repair the damage


Jonas Kronkaitis
General. Former Vice Minister of Defense and Commander in Chief, Lithuanian Army.



The 50 years of communist oppression has done immense damage not only to the economy, but perhaps more so to the social fabric of our country. You have seen it, recognized the problem and tried to repair the damage.

People who know you and respect you are grateful for all that you have done. You are needed, because you are making a difference and have so much more to give. I hope you will not allow the less than cordial atmosphere to stop the good that you are doing.

Aage, I think that the good you make in the lives of very common people is what really counts.  I urge you not to be discouraged and don’t give up doing the good that you are doing. The VilNews project is excellent.

Warm Regards,


More than all government bureaucrats together


Vytautas Sliupas, P.E.
Burlingame, California



You have truly done more service to your adopted country than all the government insensitive bureaucrats put together.

You have 150,000 admirers in 114 countries.  Close to 50,000 are living in Lithuania and reading VilNews with enthusiasm. 

Vytautas Sliupas



Most valuable and useful to and in Lithuania today


Stan Backaitis
Great Falls, Va., USA. Principal Engineer (ret.) at the U.S Dept of Transportation.


You have been an unprecedented star of optimism, the window of fresh air,  and the bridge that Lithuania so badly needs to understand itself, where it stands in the world and how others see it. 

I have admired your attitude towards Lithuania and in many conversation used you as an example of what a man, even not a native to the country, can do voluntarily to raise Lithuania's image in contrast to the army of bureaucrats and consultants who achieved nothing upon spending millions for that purpose. It is so sad that the Lithuanian government and/or the politicians have not been able to raise their heads above the mock they are in, to recognize the immense contribution to the community dialog and Lithuania's visibility in the world you generated, that literally no money can buy.

You have united through VILNEWS so many people from so many countries to a common purpose to share their thoughts and feelings on one issues that are dear to their hearts. It  is unprecedented and no money can ever duplicate, because you have done it from your  heart and soul. 

You are the most valuable and useful person to and in Lithuania today, even if those in power are blind to see and deaf to hear it.  

Dear Aage, please grow and nurture the VILNEWS, for it is better than any world news organization could ever produce.  It is a beautiful and one of the most important gifts that anyone could have given to Lithuania. And we are immensely grateful to you for that.  

Best regards, Stan Backaitis


Keep the good work going. I’m impressed.


Keith C. Smith,
Former US Ambassador
to Lithuania,
Washington DC – USA



Thanks for the newsletter. It has renewed my interest in Lithuania at a time when I am more involved in other countries. Keep the good work going. I'm impressed.




You are doing something that Lithuanian officials ought to do


Vilius Kavaliauskas
Advisor of former PM Algirdas Brazauskas



Dear Aage Myhre,

I got the address of VilNews from my American friend. Best congratulations.

You are again doing something that Lithuanian officials ought to do.

Vilius Kavaliauskas

Pulling extraordinary minds & brains together

for the purpose of “rescuing” Lithuania


Barbara Rapaport
Adelaide, Australia 
(originally from Vilnius, Lithuania)


I have been reading some of the most interesting articles since the VilNews launch.

What has impressed me the most is the fact that you have been able to pull extraordinary ‘minds & brains’ together from all over the world for the purpose of ‘rescuing’ Lithuania as a nation, and fundamentally improve its current practices with respect to economic and political justice, business practices, educational sustainability and resilience and much, much more.

Just wanted to say one more time THANK YOU!!!

Best Regards,

Barbara Rapaport

I’m a huge fan now

Giedrė Jotautaitė
Milan, Italy
(originally from Vilnius, Lithuania)



I read your e-magazine every morning and I think it’s great J I’m a huge fan now. 

I was born in Vilnius, studied at Vilnius University, but moved to Milan to work. Now I’m saving money to buy a beautiful flat in the centre of Vilnius, because one day I will surely come back home!

From my point of view Lithuania is doing quite good, if to compare with Italy where one now can feel the crisis more.

Best wishes and kiss,
Giedre :)



15 February 2012 

BELOW: Reader comments

* * *

VilNews is the best online publication I've seen about Lithuania's history, culture, geography, and its resurgence on the world stage

Boris Bakunas

Two hundred years of oppression have scattered Lithuanians among all parts of the world. You will find Lithuanian communities in North and South America, in South Africa, in Australia, and Asia. VilNews is the best online publication I've seen about Lithuania's history, culture, geography, and its resurgence on the world stage. VilNews seeks to bring Lithuanians, their descendants, and people interested in Lithuania together in a cooperative manner, fostering good relations among Lithuania, its neighbors in the European community as well as the rest of the world.

Boris Bakunas
Chicago, USA.

* * *

Congratulations :) Awesome publication

Richard Vitkauskas

Congratulations :) Awesome publication.
Richard Vitkauskas,
New York

* * *

Great contributions to understanding the fragmented history of Lithuania

Lars Persen

Congratulations to Aage Myhre and Vilnews for 1 year online and great contributions to understanding the fragmented history of Lithuania.
Lars Persen,

* * *

Rarely do I find publications whose major goals match my own as closely asVilNews

Boris Bakunas

Rarely do I find publications whose major goals match my own as closely as VilNews, an e-magazine that strives to encourage understanding and mutual cooperation among people around the globe while preserving what is best in a country's national identity. VilNews is such a publication.
Boris Bakunas,

* * *

Aciu, yes thank you for VilNewsand any and every picture as I may never have the chance to get there

Aciu, yes thank you for VilNews and any and every picture as I may never have the chance to get there.
Cheryle Prakop-Good

* * *

I'd love to visit some day from Australia
Yes gorgeous Grandmother now 88 was born in Vilnius I'd love to visit some day from Australia :D
Anthea Poskus

* * *


ACIU!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous...Must return soon....
Jenifer C. Dillis

* * *


We of Lithuanian descent truly appreciate this publication.

Aciu dar karta!

Irene Petkaitis

Please continue with the delightful photos and thank you for them. 

Congratulations also on Anniversary of VilNews...

We of Lithuanian descent
truly appreciate this publication. Aciu dar karta!

Irene Petkaitis.

* * *

Loved your trip with the family and all the great photos

Felicia Dalia Prekeris Brown

Loved your trip with the family and all the great photos.
Felicia Dalia Prekeris Brown,
California, USA.

* * *

The VilNews "Culture and Events" section serves as a model for others to follow

In the information age, each nation has an opportunity contribute and to learn from all others, thus helping to create what may become a world culture that shares and respects diversity in a true global community. A worthy goal indeed! And one that the online publication VilNews pursues. The VilNews "Culture and Events" section serves as a model for others to follow.
National Lithuanian American
Hall of Fame

Chicago, USA.

* * *

What makes VilNews unique is its sincere effort to transcend the disputes that have divided nations

What makes VilNews unique is its sincere effort to transcend the disputes that have divided nations. After reading an article in VilNews that matches your interests, please write a comment. Creativity flourishes when people are willing to share their ideas in a helpful, positive way. Never before in history have we had an opportunity to foster understanding and respect among people -- and to learn from them.

I’ve heard that Aage Myhre, the Editor-in-Chief, is terrific guy. He goes out of his way to publish both comments and articles from new contributors.

Also, never hesitate to post on my Wall. For many years, I felt like I was living in an intellectual and spiritual vacuum, but now I find new interests, thoughts, and opportunities coming my way like never before.

Boris Bakunas
Chicago, USA.

* * *

Amazing growth and success!

Wyman Brent

Congratulations on one year of amazing growth and success!
Wyman Brent,
Vilnius Jewish Library

* * *

Congratulations from Tasmania!

(Dr) Al Taškūnas, OAM

Dear Aage and all workers at VilNews, 

Congratulations on your first Anniversary.

And by the way: By not resorting to 6, 000 pages, you have certainly saved many lovely trees.

Keep up the good work and all the best.

(Dr) Al Taškūnas, OAM
Honorary Research Professor, School of Government, University of Tasmania
and Editor, Lithuanian Papers.

* * *

Great reporting, interesting topics, and knowledgeable human resources

Neringa Zamani

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! Great reporting, interesting topics, and knowledgeable human resources. May it continue to flourish and expand. Thank you VilNews!
Neringa Zamani,
Washington D.C., USA.

* * *

I always enjoy reading your publication

Amos Eiran

Warm congratulations for the anniversary of VilNews On-Line. I always enjoy reading your publication and learn a lot from them and always look forward for the new publications. 
Amos Eiran,
Tel Aviv, Israel. 

* * *

All it took was a vision and lots of hard work...

Jurate Kutkus Burns

A great achievement! All it took was a vision and lots of hard work...thank you for both.
Jurate Kutkus Burns,
Florida, USA.

* * *

Great job! Press freedom!

William Adan Pahl

Great job! Press freedom!
William Adan Pahl,
Vilnius, Lithuania.

* * *

Congratulations on a monumental maiden year

Tony Mazeika

Congratulations on a monumental maiden year. May you double your readership in 2012. Always keep it relevant and balanced.

There is a major issue: for those who were born in Lithuania, including WWII refugees, should they have received US, Canadian, Australian, UK, etc. citizenship, they lose Lithuania citizenship. Those who  earlier called themselves "diaspora" no longer do so. The current government will not consider dual citizenship. Lithuania could lose contact with a majority of émigrés over time because an important link is severed. 

For most other descendants of former immigrants (largest group who emigrated to the US from 1880- 1939, numbering approx. 1.5 million, non-speaking Lithuanian language, Lithuanian-American heritage), tourism promotion and availability of English language print material, newspapers, websites, films, and ads are vital. Among that group, once they recognize their roots, there appears to be a sense of pride for many, notice the availability of tourism and access, they become motivated. Great example is Ruta Sepetys, writer, best seller, 
Shades of Grey. Marius Markevicius, filmmaker, Sundance festival,The Other Dream Team.Fr. David O'Rourke, documentary, Terror on the Amber Coast, among other developing media in English.

This could be a productive dialogue.
Tony Mazeika,
California, USA

Click on the film titles marked blue to see the trailers…

* * *


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                      February 22 2015


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