20 January 2018
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A series of articles in 10 parts –
from 26 European countries

VilNews has over the latest weeks invited its readers to visit 26 European countries. Some articles dwelt with history. Some with Lithuanian contact points in various countries. I have travelled across Europe with camera and notepad for nearly 40 years and hope you enjoyed seeing and reading about some of my experiences.

Tour guide, writer and photographer:
Aage Myhre, VilNews editor-in-chief


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1. Exploring Europe


The more I travel around the world the more I realise that I am European. Although I have good, close friends and have experienced extraordinary things in all corners of the world. Maybe my mind is not sufficiently exotic. That's ok. I have grown older now. Driving a car is the best way to experience Europe.

Lithuania's border crossings to Latvia and Poland are no longer problematic. Within a day's drive you can reach most of the northern and central European countries. One more day and you can already stand and look out over the warm, slow waves of the Mediterranean Sea...


2. Switzerland and Italy


     •     The best known Lithuanian politician in Europe
            before 1916 lived here in Switzerland
     •     Vilnius, Milan and Florence:
            The world’s three Renaissance Capitals
     •     Venice shows me that architecture first of all is about life
     •     Santa Claus and a Lithuanian Grand Duchess are buried in
            the same South Italian cathedral

3. Along the Riviera –
Italy, Monaco, France, Spain


     •     Was Christopher Columbus from Genoa or from Lithuania?
     •     Grasse (the world’s perfume capital)
            and a Lithuanian designer
            Jesus, Mary Magdalene, the “da Vinci Code”, “the Holy
            Grail” and Vilnius University Library
     •     A good fish meal in Spain or Italy is often made in Lithuania

4. Alsace, Benelux, England

     •     The European Parliament is situated in Strasbourg.
            The Lithuanian members are there for YOU!
     •     Want to get a taste of Alsace in Vilnius?
     •     Erasmus of Rotterdam (1466 – 1536) is quoted as stating:
            “I congratulate this nation [Lithuania] which now, in
            sciences, jurisprudence, morals, and religion, and in all that
            separates us from barbarism, is so flourishing that it can
            rival the first and most glorious of nations.”
     •     Manchester hosts the oldest Lithuanian club in the UK
     •     The Beatles was discovered and managed by a Lithuanian Jew

5. Austria and Germany

     •     Sigmund Freud was a “Lithuanian Jew”
     •     Linz represents the golden age of
            Austrian – Lithuanian relations
     •     The Lithuanian school in Germany
     •     Vilnius was granted Magdeburg Rights in 1387
     •     The name LITHUANIA was first mentioned in the
            Annals from Quedlinburg Abbey in year 1009
     •     Lithuanian war refugees in Germany after World War II

6. Scandinavia and Finland

     •     Lithuania, please look to Norway!
     •     A Danish king came to Palanga in year 1161,
            but he was no tourist
     •     A power bridge to Sweden is now under construction
     •     Why didn’t the Baltic States fight like Finland did in WWII?

7. Poland, Czech Republic,
Slovakia, Hungary

     •     Today’s journey goes through former Warsaw
            Pact countries
     •     The never-ending Polish – Lithuanian neighbour dispute
     •     My choice is Prague and Václav Havel
     •     The Hungarian language has Finnish-Siberian origin!
     •     Stephen Báthory, the Hungarian
            who became Lithuania’s Grand Duke
     •     Lithuanian Panemunė Castle was built by
            a Hungarian nobleman in the early 1600s

8. European Russia

     •     To Siberia – probably the only one
            ever going there voluntary, without a visa
     •     I got a visa to the USSR, 7 months
            after the country had ceased to exist …
     •     A Viking was the first Russian ruler
     •     43 Russian Orthodox churches in Lithuania
     •     Lithuania's 'Russian' Presidential Palace
            was also used by Napoleon Bonaparte
     •     Russia and the Baltic States are nearest neighbours,
            but not always best friends
     •     Lithuania and the Soviet Union 1939 – 1940
     •     Letters from Lithuanians deported to Siberia

9. Hanseatic Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

     •     The Hanseatic League controlled trade and commerce
            at the Baltic Sea during 400 years
     •     Tallinn – the medieval 'Danish town’ that
            introduced the Christmas tree to the world
     •     Riga – the Hanseatic city that became
            the world's leading Art Nouveau Centre
     •     Klaipeda – Lithuania's 'German' port city,
            with the best Baltic Sea beaches nearby
     •     Kaunas – the Hanseatic
            trading point at the Nemunas River

10. Turkey, where Europe meets Asia

     •     “Peace in the homeland, peace in the world”
            Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (1881-1938)
     •     The Vikings arrived in Istanbul in year 860,
            stayed there for 344 years, till 1204
     •     ISTANBUL: Water and land hand in hand
     •     In 1430 the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the
            Ottoman Empire were Europe’s leading countries
     •     Galatia, in the centre of today’s Turkey, was a
            Biblical land of Celts from Ireland and Britain
     •     I can still easily study the pine-clad Taurus Mountains,
            sloping down towards the sparkling clear Mediterranean Sea
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