23 February 2018
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Klaipeda was substantially covered in our VilNews editions
during the week of  17 – 24 July.

Sunday 17 July

 KLAIPĖDA – the jewel in the amber crown

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 Friedricho Pasažas – the new wonder of Klaipėda

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 History of Klaipėda

The above illustration is from the web page
This web page includes very much interesting information about Klaipeda (Memel) of those days!

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 Mare Suebicum 

"A Chart of the Baltic Sea, Gulfs of Finland and Bothnia, with the Sound, Drawn from the Best Maps & Charts by T. Jefferys, Geographer to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales" 

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 Monday 18 July

Klaipėda aims to become an Eastern European avant-garde city

Mayor of Klaipeda, Vytautas Grubliauskas

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 Radisson Blu Hotel, Klaipėda:
Retreat to elegant
seacoast luxury!

General Manager Tobias Ammon is rightly proud of the breakfast buffet that Radisson Blu Hotel offers its guests.

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 Tuesday 19 July

 Western Shipyard – from Soviet colossus to European greatness

Western Shipyard's General Director Arnoldas Šileika started to work as foreman in the yard 22 years ago, when it still was under Soviet rule. He has been head of this huge company since 2001, leading the transformation from Soviet times and thinking.

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  Lido Marine – a Norwegian success story in Klaipėda 

Norwegian Gunnvald Laukhammer, the main person behind the success of Lido Marine, is not exactly thrilled with the way the Lithuanian authorities often are acting.  

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 Wednesday 20 July

A magnet for international investors

The Klaipėda Free Economic Zone (Klaipėda FEZ) was established in 1996 and opened officially in 2002. FEZ offers tax incentives to qualified investors that invest at least 1 million euros.

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 Next time you eat bacalao* in Spain or Italy

Reidar Inselseth is General Director 
of the Espersen fish factory in the
Klaipeda Free Economic Zone,
where cod from the Baltic Sea
and Arctic Ocean is converted to delicious fish fillets for southern 
European markets. 

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 Thursday 21 July

 Klaipedos Nafta has one of the most up-to-date oil terminals in Europe

Rokas Masiulis, General Manager of Klaipedos Nafta 

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 The port of Klaipeda

The history of Klaipeda seaport started already the summer of year 1252 when the Curonian bishop and the vice-regent of Livonian Order signed the agreement about Klaipeda. This agreement was approved by the ruler of Lithuania, Mindaugas (one year before he was crowned King).

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Environmental risks?

The small island Kiaules Nugara (Pig's back) in the southern part of the Klaipeda port, at the border between the port and the Curonian Lagoon is the most likely place to build Lithuania's planned LNG terminal. This means that it will regularly sail large tankers through the narrow strait between Klaipeda city and Neringa (which is now designated as one of the country's national parks). How risky can it be to get a gas terminal and such a heavy sea traffic close to the big city that Klaipeda after all is? What about the explosion and fire risk? What about emissions and other forms of pollution? Is the water, beaches and fisheries in the Curonian Lagoon at risk? May Neringa and Klaipeda city be at risk? 

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 Friday 22 July

"A completely new face of Lithuania"

Memel City will be an immensely attractive seafront development in the Klaipeda harbour, at the Dane River mouth.

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 4 trucks full of books every week 

Four  trucks full of books, on around 1.000 pallets,  leave the PRINT IN printing plant every week to Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Poland and local deliveries to Lithuania. 

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 Saturday 23 July

Irish horse farmer who succeeded in real estate and settled in Klaipėda

James A. Clarke (34) with wife Marina (27) and son Daniel (2).

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Progressive thinking and innovative ideas! 

Klaipeda Science and Technology Park Director Roma Stubrienė 

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 Sunday 24 July

 From Suriname to Klaipėda International Business Club

Clifford Lont (47), Chairman of Klaipeda International Business Club, has moved the long way from Suriname in South America to a much colder climate here at the Lithuanian coast.

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 Klaipėda – a pioneer municipality in combating violence against women

Architects: NEOFORMA. 

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