23 February 2018
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Trakai Castle is an island castle located in Trakai, Lithuania, on an island in Lake Galvė, 30 km from Vilnius.
The construction of the stone castle was started in the 14th century by Grand Duke Kęstutis, and around
1409 major works were completed by his son Vytautas the Great, who died in this castle in 1430.
Trakai was one of the main centres of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

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Holidays on ice

When it comes to ice, one thinks of skating or cocktails. It is only in Lithuania and other cold countries that people associate it with fishing!

It is cold, kind of boring and the fish are usually just so-so. But have a look at any Lithuanian lake in winter and you will see that they are all perforated with holes and crowded with people staring longingly into them – there must be something to it. Lars Bryne went to investigate.

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Kaunas, Lithuania's second largest city and former capital, is receiving much attention in VilNews this winter. We focus on history, business, culture, innovation, tourism and more. We would also like to hear from you who have your personal Kaunas story to tell...

Send us your Kaunas story!



Visit Kaunas this winter! 

Šančiai (Kaunas), Lithuania, 1925.
Kaunas happiness year 1925.

Why not visit Kaunas this advent? Let’s give you some good reasons. See below.



Kaunas – the taste of real Lithuania!


By Arnas Menciūnas,
Kauno turizmo informacijos centras ir konferencijų biuras

Welcome to Kaunas, the city which has mostly preserved the national character of the country, offering plenty of activities to everyone. Visit the heart of Lithuania and experience it‘s unique atmosphere:

Feast here! Kaunas is home to a variety of festivals and events, including the famous Kaunas Jazz festival, Hanza days, Operetta, Pažaislis Classical Music festival, Bike show, Kaunas city days, Songs festival (listed by UNESCO), International Modern Dance Festival and much more.

Visit! The remarkable Old Town which is a collection of ancient architectural monuments: the remnants of the 14th century with remains of Kaunas castle, the buildings of the Middle Ages in the Gothic and the Art Déco styles. The Kaunas Fortress is a valuable military heritage composed of a number of constructions that used to be a military complex. There are nine Forts around the city and the IXth Fort serves a museum. The macabre collection of nearly 3,000 devils at the Devils' Museum and the exhibitions showing the unique artistic styles of composer and painter M. K. Ciurlionis, as well as J. Maciunas initiator of the avant-garde Fluxus art movement.

Taste it! The centre-piece of Lithuanian cuisine is dark rye bread. It is shown a great respect and even called "holy" and Lithuanians link many beliefs and magic with it. The great opportunity to taste it is to have soup in a bread bowl. Lithuanian drinks have very old traditions, to get to know them the "Stumbras" museum offers a guided tour of the history and tasting of strong drinks. Among the multitude of things that make any Lithuanian swell with pride (rich history, amber, beautiful nature, basketball, etc.), there is one that has a special place in his heart. This source of pride is the Lithuanian Beer.

Make a wish! The beautiful confluence of two biggest Lithuanian rivers is well known for a magical saying - the Nemunas river is a male and the Neris is a female . The meeting of two rivers is considered as a marriage of a couple. Two rivers meet in Kaunas, they join and never split up! For those who want their dreams to come true it‘s a right place to go on rendezvous.

See it! The whole Lithuania in one place is in the open air museum in Rumšiškės, which is the biggest open air museum in Eastern Europe. The museum with its collection of authentic wooden villages represents different regions of Lithuania: Zemaitija, Aukstaitija, Dzukija, Suvalkija and Lithuania Minor.

Ride on it! The Funicular - a unique mean of transportation, is still in use today, including the genuine pre-war wagon, wooden seats, and stop platforms. Even today the funicular takes people up to the hill, from which the panorama of the Kaunas city centre and Old town is wide open. Kaunas is the only city among Baltic States, where such means of transportation is available.

Sail! The biggest man-made water basin in Lithuania, which is surrounded by a wonderful landscape. Kaunas Sea is a perfect place for water activities. So see you on the deck!

If you want to feel the real Lithuanian spirit, visit Kaunas and discover it.

The heart of Lithuanian culture, tradition and history is just waiting to be discovered.

Hotel news in 2012

IBIS KAUNAS CENTRE (opened in April, 2012)

The Ibis Kaunas Centre hotel is located in the centre of Kaunas, within walking distance to the historic Old Town, close to railway and bus station and easy access to the highway to International Kaunas Airport. Ideal for business and leisure stays where guests can explore the city of Kaunas. It has 125 air-conditioned rooms with free Internet access, conference facilities, a bar serving snacks 24/7 and onsite parking. Our restaurant, The Oopen will delight you with pasta & grill dishes.

Accor is the world’s number-one and Europe’s leading hotel operator. It has 440,000 rooms in nearly 3,500 hotels in 92 countries. Its extensive brand portfolio – encompassing Sofitel, Pullman, MGallery, Grand Mercure, Novotel, Suite Novotel, Mercur, Adagio, ibis, ibis Styles, Adagio Access, ibis budget and hotelF1 – provides a comprehensive range of options across the luxury to economy spectrum.

Hotel and Eco center BABILONAS

2012 years 22 th. of June renovated hotel "Babilonas" was opened and now it's not only hotel, but and eco-tourism center. The rooms radiate a feeling of coziness created by modern wooden windows, curtains made from Lithuanian linen and the breathtaking panoramas of the city and  the surrounding landscape. We can offer 50 high-quality German and American bikes, which can travel in urban areas and long distances. In formed package are included active entertainment, meals, transportation.

Kaunas tourism information center and conference bureau offers original ways to get to know Kaunas. Unique guided tours allow you to glimpse the real charm of the city and see things that you never expected! Every visitor can choose These excurions: „Kaunas Compliments Women“, „The Old Town secrets in Kaunas”, „Strong alcohol degustation in Factory “Stumbras”, „Beer Route in Kaunas (excursion and degustation)”, „Basketball history in Kaunas“, „Sweet Kaunas",, „Spirit of Kaunas Catacombs”, „Kaunas – Provisional Capital“.



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Kaunas Castle
In the 14th century, a stone castle was built at the confluence of the Nemunas and Neris rivers to resist Crusaders’ attacks. It was the first stone castle in Lithuania which played a significant role in the city's defence system. Kaunas Castle is a Gothic building with two rows of protective walls and is the only castle of this type in Lithuania. A settlement started forming around the castle, growing into the present-day city. This castle was first mentioned in written records in 1361, when the Teutonic Knights were preparing to attack it. After a severe battle in 1362, the castle was rebuilt several times, but lost its significance in the 15th c. When Kaunas was granted Magdeburg rights in 1408, town activity started moving to the market place (later - Town Hall Square). The preserved remains of the castle reveal its original structure, shape, method of construction and provide important information about the development of Lithuanian architecture in the 14th century.

Town Hall
Often called the White Swan, the Town Hall’s construction was begun in 1542. The building encompasses Gothic, Baroque and early Classicism elements. In the Medieval Ages, the Town Hall, along with the main market place, was the centre of Kaunas. After its reconstruction in 1970, the Town Hall became the Wedding Palace with the Ceramics Museum in its basement.


Arch-Cathedral Basilica
It is the only church in Lithuania in the Gothic style of basilica design. After several reconstructions, it also acquired Renaissance and Baroque architectural features. The Cathedral has 9 altars; the sacristy has crystal-type arches. The tomb of Lithuanian priest and poet J. Mačiulis-Maironis is in the southern wall of the building. Vincentas Sladkevičius, the first cardinal of Lithuania, are also buried in the Cathedral.


Vilnius Street
It is the most beautiful street of the Old Town, meant for pedestrians. Most buildings have survived from the 16th century; some of which have been reconstructed. Even the unique telephone booths are a clear indication that you are walking along the street which connects the old and the new parts of the city.


Historical Presidential Palace
The history of the Presidents’ Palace in Kaunas begins in 1846. The building was renovated in 1998–2003 and is open to visitors as a branch of the National M. K. Čiurlionis Art Museum. The Palace is symbolically “guarded” by bronze sculptures of the three interwar presidents – Antanas Smetona, Kazys Grinius and Aleksandras Stulginskis.


Musical Theatre
Originally the State Theatre, it was built in 1892. In 1940 the Musical Theatre was based in this building. Now, operas and operettas make up the largest part of the repertoire, with ballets and plays for children also staged here.


St. Michael the Archangel Church (Sobor)
A Neo-Byzantine-style building with all the architectural traits of a Russian Orthodox church. It was designed by Russian architects and built for the Kaunas Garrison. During the Soviet years, the church was turned into an Art Gallery. Presently it is a Catholic church.


Pažaislis Monastery
It ranks among the most beautiful Baroque-style buildings in Lithuania. The church and monastery were built for Camaldolese (Benedictine) monks in the 17th century under the supervision of Italian masters from Florence (Michelangelo Palloni, Joan Merli, and Pietro Perti). Pažaislis music festivals are held here in summer.


Kaunas Funiculars
Kaunas is the only city in Lithuania with this type of transport. In the residential districts of Žaliakalnis and Aleksotas these "climbing cars" serve both as a means of transport and entertainment. The Aleksotas funicular links the old part of the city with the slopes of Aleksotas hill, offering a marvellous panoramic view of the city. The Žaliakalnis funicular provides an easy way of reaching the Resurrection Church from the city centre.

Kaunas Monumental Christ’s Resurrection Church
It is the biggest basilica-type church in the Baltic states. The church was built in 1932–1940. After Lithuania proclaimed independence in 1918, the idea to build a church as a symbol of thanks to God appeared. Construction was stopped by the Soviet occupation. The building was confiscated and used as premises for the Radio factory after the war. In 1990 the church was returned to worshippers. During the restoration of the church, some changes were made in the project. The space in the church is in the style of a basilica with three naves. The architecture is monumental and laconic. The tower is 70 meters high. Visitors have the possibility to go to the observation deck on the church roof to enjoy the panoramic view of the city.

File:Perkuno namas 2006-06-30.jpg

House of Perkūnas
is one of the most original and archaic Gothic secular buildings, located in the Old Town of Kaunas, Lithuania. Originally built by Hanseatic merchants and served as their office from 1440 till 1532, it was sold in the 16th century to the Jesuits who had established a chapel there in 1643. The Jesuits have also completed the Church of St. Francis Xavier at the Town Hall Square in 1722.

The ruined house was rebuilt in the 19th century and served as a school and theatre, which was attended by Polish-Lithuanian poet Adam Mickiewicz. At the end of the 19th Century it was renamed "House of Perkūnas", when a figure, interpreted by the romantic historians of that time as an idol of the Baltic pagan god of thunder and the sky Perkūnas was found in one of its walls. Today, the house of Perkūnas once again belongs to the Jesuits and houses a museum of Adam Mickiewicz.


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The Travel Magazine:

Spa, romance in the Uzupis and beer.

Vilnius makes for a great weekend away

The UMI gallery in
UŽ!upio resPUBLIKA

Photo: Rasa Mekuskaite

If you believed the hype about amber you’d think it was the cure for all ills: heart problems, arthritis, depression, even the plague. I can’t vouch for any of those but I can say that having one’s face massaged with amber powder applied by amber balls is an absolutely delicious experience, like some rather superior form of tickling.

The ‘Gold of the North’ has been fished out of the Baltic Sea and traded for centuries – it was much in demand in Imperial Rome – and here today in Vilnius it is still big business.

There are countless shops, a museum devoted to the subject and a specialist spa which is where I’m about to sample a treatment.
I confess to being a bit of a fidget in some spas and when linen bags are tied round our bare feet and we’re asked to walk in different ways across a layer of small pieces of the fossilised resin – on our toes, on our heels, feet rolled outwards, feet rolled inwards – the familiar combination of mild irritation and self-consciousness begins to creep over me.

But once I’m lying on a bed and the therapist is gently rolling the amber spheres over my skin, pressing here and there, I succumb to the pleasure of the moment. I don’t know whether the ‘negative ions’ or whatever have done their bit: I can’t say I look any different by the end of the session but I certainly feel very contented and serene. And my purse is only lighter by about £15 which is certainly a lot cheaper than buying a piece of jewellery.

There are more elaborate treatments but the 20 minute one I’ve had is just right when time is limited.

We’re only in the Lithuanian capital for two days but because it’s relatively small and compact – certainly in the historic areas – you can fit a lot in. The old city is the major draw, with 1500 buildings one of the finest in Central and Eastern Europe, an UNESCO World Heritage Site of narrow streets, hidden courtyards and an extraordinary mix of architectural styles: classical, gothic, baroque.

Read more at:


We stayed at

We flew to Vilnius with Wizzair from Luton (they also fly to Vilnius from Doncaster/Sheffield). Prices from around £42 one way. Find cheap flights to Vilniusfrom other airports.…


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Vilnius Lithuania – My walk through this photogenic town

By Steve Huff
So here I am today..another day of serious photo opportunities! I am in Vilnius Lithuania for the next stop on the Seal European summer tour and yesterday I walked around quite a bit snapping shots of this lovely charming town. Had my Fuji X100 (new firmware rumored to be coming within the week) and Leica M9 with me and both gave me wonderful results, can’t complain about either of these lovely cameras.

I started the day early morning as the weather was brisk, cool, and sunny. In other words, PERFECT! Back home in Phoenix it is 110 and sunny so I am really enjoying this weather while I can get it! As I looked out of my hotel window I thought “Perfect Photo Weather”!

BTW, I am also staying at a beautiful hotel here in town and had to snap a couple as I left my room. Love the old world charm of this place.

You’ll find the complete story and see the rest of Steve Huff’s photos at:


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Direct flights to Palanga

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Palanga International Airport is a small regional airport located at the Baltic Sea, only 10 minutes away from the Palanga tourism resort and 30 minutes from the port city Klaipeda.

There are regular direct flights to/from Palanga Airport operated by the airlines airBaltic, Norwegian Air Shuttle, RusLine and SAS (Scandinavian Airlines).

Palanga has direct flights from Copenhagen (Denmark), Moscow (Russia), Oslo (Norway) and Riga (Latvia), from where it is easy to reach a lot of other cities in Europe and the world!

Check the airports web page for more information about flights etc:


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Ferries to Klaipeda

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DFDS Seaways operate three passenger ferry routes on the Baltic Sea to/from the Lithuanian port city of Klaipeda.

1) The Klaipeda - Karlshamn ferry service connects Lithuania and Sweden with daily departures in each direction.

2) The Klaipeda - Kiel ferry service offers six departures in each direction per week connecting Lithuania with North-Western Germany & Southern Denmark.

3) The Klaipeda - Sassnitz service connects Lithuania to the East German island of Rügen from where there is quick access to the extensive German motorway network.

Check the DFDS web page for more information:


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Your February 25 VilNews issue is the best presentation for publicizing Lithuania's culture, beauty and arts.
Vytautas Sliupas, Burlingame, California


Am planning for a trip to Lithuania very soon... The pictures which you have uploaded haunts me....they are so beaaaaaaautiful.. I fully agree it is Europe's best kept secret!

I am forwarding it to all my friends and acquaintances to promote Lithuania ... It's worth a venture... Honestly!


I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading this issue

and using the links provided. Four of us are travelling to Lithuania in May and are very much looking forward to visiting the land of our ancestors. Thank you for the information.


Thanks so much for sharing. I'm going to forward to the rest of the family so they have a chance to see how beautiful a place Lithuania is and maybe visit there to see where their ancestors lived.


Fantastic. Keep up the good work. That is the way to present a positive view of Lithuania.
Linkiu sekmes, Aldona is Svedijos


Many Thanks for Your last Email with VilNews. Such beautiful present. I am not a stranger to Lithuania anymore. After 43 years of absence I managed to sneak in just before The Baltic Way (Baltijos kelias). Much water went under the bridge since. Lithuania is looking now like a paradise. Thanks to You and others who come to Lithuania and helped Lithuania to recover. Your Names ought to be written in gold in Lithuanian history books.
Antanas Kramilius

EuroBasket 2011

For 2011, LITHUANIA has been chosen as the host country for one of the most prestigious Sport's Tournaments in Europe and the World. This is the second time in the Tournament's rich history that Lithuania has been chosen to host the Basketball Championship of Europe.

EuroBasket 2011 will crown the Basketball Champion of Europe. While this is an important event for all European countries, it is especially important for a country like LITHUANIA that proclaims Basketball as its "Second Religion".

The EuroBasket Championship saw its first tournament held in Geneva, Switzerland in 1935. Since then, every two years the greatest teams and talent have met for the "bragging rights" of Europe.

Throughout the history of the tournament our Lithuanian Team has done very well.

In the second EuroBasket Tournament held in Riga, Latvia in 1937

Lithuania won the Gold with the final three results being...


    • Lithuanian tourism is not only...
      There is more – and less – to Lithuanian tourism than what you may have thought. Lithuania is not like Spain, England, Thailand or USA, but if you are ready for some different experiences, then Lithuania is definitely the country for you. You can even save a good deal of money on many special services and products here. Maybe it’s your turn to discover the world of Lithuania? This article will present some excellent examples of tourism you may not have thought of...

  • Tourist traffic in Lithuania increased by 39.4% in Q1

    Lithuania's tourism business has exceeded projections in the first quarter pf 2011 and even beat records in some sectors, the Lithuanian State Department of Tourism (VTD) said. Over the Q1 of 2011, the number of tourists in Lithuania grew by 39.4% year-on-year.

    Over January-March last year, 107,000 tourists stayed in Lithuanian commercial accommodation establishments, while this year the number went up to 150,000. The tourist traffic is reported to have increased from the tourism markets of great importance to Lithuania, writes LETA/ELTA.

    Over the Q1, the largest increases were recorded in the numbers of tourists coming from Russia (61%), Belarus (53%), Poland (28%), Germany (31%), Estonia (34%), Great Britain (21%), Norway (57%), the Netherlands (34%), Belgium (31%) and the U.S. (68%). The growth in tourist numbers from Finland by 85% and from Spain by 71% made a pleasant surprise, VTD Head Dr Raimonda Balniene said.

    Kaunas earlier received an award from the popular Spanish travel magazine QTravel as the most attractive destination in 2010. In the Q1, the largest number of tourists came from Ukraine. The growth in the tourist traffic from the country reached as much as 104%.

    The 7.6-% growth in the local tourism is also good news to the tourism sector as it hardly stood at 1% in 2010.


  • Booming tourism in Kaunas this year!

    Kaunas, the second largest city in Lithuania, has brushed aside its reputation as a European backwater in recent months, with tourism in the city literally booming since the introduction of low-cost flights to the city last year.

    With the boom in tourism, other areas of Kaunas' economy have started to pick up too, including retail, construction and more, revitalizing this charming city and spurring renewed vigour into its development.

    The growth in these sectors is attributed directly to the increasing number of foreign visitors, says the city's mayor Rimantas Mikaitis. Since Irish-based low-cost carrier Ryanair started operating flights to Kaunas in 2010, the city has been resurrected from the point of collapse, he explains.

    Read more:

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